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How Talented Is YOUR Cat? — 14 Comments

    • Love this collage Amy. Really clever. Never seen something like this before. Bailey is a very interesting looking cat too. Fantastic Van-type (in the US cat fancy sense) markings.

  1. My cat Ozzie talks and talks and talks and sometimes never stops! If I talk to him he will answer back we actually have conversations as he has a very extensive vocabulary which I am given to understand is a characteristic of his breed.

    I often say ‘Ozzie love you!’ he will look at me and say ‘mmmmm’ I think thats cat for ‘I know you do’

  2. Both my Traditional Persian cats Matahari and Matata have a talent for living life dangerously in the house. They love sitting on high places, especially the balcony gallery ledge and previously the kitchen window-sill. A slight slip means a fall five floors below to Earth.I have managed to film a few videos of this odd behaviour and they are on ‘YouTube”. This behaviour is very strange for a Persian cat breed as this breed normally loves sleeping or lazying, never much of a climber.

  3. The most talented cat I had was my Missie, a small semi-longhaired Norwegian Forest Cat mix with a plume tail. She had a cute face and a small voice.

    She could jump for England. If there was a cat Olympics she would win the female high jump and tree climbing competition. You may remember her. She could jump vertically from a sitting position to about 8 feet. She had to claw up the last 18 inches but it was awesome to see her do this. She was absolutely fearless.

    Here is an old copy of a print of her when I lived in Notting Hill Gate:

    Norwegian Forest Cat Mix

    • Oh wow you lived in Notting Hill Gate. I spent alot of time in that area in the early to mid 1990’s. It’s changed so much now but I loved it back then. We even had stalls and sold things in the Portobello market. What a shame it changed so much. ‘gentrification’ they call it. I worked there every day for a photographer right after I left school. Spent alot of time there and had alot of friends living around there.

  4. Charlie is quite smart. His talent, which is inline with all cats, really, is that he has adapted well to having three legs. I am particularly impressed with the way he jumps down from things. He twists his body as he jumps down and lands on this hind legs first and he also puts the stump (actually the leg is entirely removed leaving a round smooth area) of his right leg on the ground to break the fall.

    He is also has a talent for shouting 😉 This must be the Siamese in him. He can vocalise very loudly which gets his point across. You can’t ignore him.

    He has a long nose and a blood-hound sense of smell. When he sniffs things you can hear it about 15 yards away.

    Lastly he has an amazing capacity to do serial sneezing at a volume that far exceeds that of a human being. It is quite shocking to behold.

    • Lilly does serial sneezing! I am so glad you said that because I was worried. She can do like 10 or 20 sneezes really fast and really loud. It is shocking!

      Lilly can also jump incredibly high and is generally very agile and acrobatic. I had a system for the cats to climb back to my balcony and then one day red was at the top of the climbing pole, in the way, so Lilly just jumped most the way up and then sort of ran up the wall for the last tiny bit. She got up without any help. Unbelievable. If you saw it you would be shocked. It’s a good 2.25 to 2.5 meters. She can also jump up onto shelves and furniture that you would never expect possible.

      • Our white angora Pippa was our sneezer. Her record was 26 non-stop. She’s one of the kitties with constant URI’s and we let her go for adoption. Sometimes they get better without so many cats around.

        • Charlie gets a bit of hair in his nose and he makes an awful noise sneezing it out. You would almost think he is having a fit of some sort. Although, it is very effective at removing stuff from his nose and depositing it on my 17″ Apple MacBook Pro that cost the earth 😉

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