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How To Adopt Out Your Cat — 3 Comments

  1. Looking to adopt out a beautiful cat who is in danger. He crosses everyday a major road and two days ago his partner was killed. I am heart broken. He is loving and is gentle and a good companion. We have a cat and cannot keep him. He is a Black Bobtail cat, unusual and affectionate. You can call me at 937-371-9039. He is neutered and I made sure that he got all his vaccines. Good with single people and with children. Does not bite or scratch.

    • Jayne, could you please provide some more detail which I will use to write an article to try and publicise your black cat more in the hope that somebody will adopt him. I will email you anyway. Thanks for commenting.

  2. You could always use PoC! PoC used to get more hits than Catster and still does well.

    It seems that most adoptions are to people living fairly close by. This allows word of mouth advertising and local shops could be used.

    In the UK people can put adverts in the windows of ‘corner shops’. These are newsagents and small general stores where for a small fee (£2) people can post a advert in the shop’s window. These are effective and the local community is the audience.

    Local adoptions allow the adopter’s home to be checked out more easily.

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