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How To Entertain a Cat

How To Entertain a Cat

“How entertain a cat?” is a question that we wouldn’t need to be asked in a better world. Cats don’t need entertaining normally. They only need entertaining when then can’t entertain themselves. And cats entertain themselves through their natural behavior of hunting and stalking. If we take that prospect away from them by for example locking them permanently indoors we are then, as the major provider and senior partner, obliged to find a substitute and that means a form of entertainment.

I am not saying that it is wrong to lock cats indoors permanently. I am saying it is sad that we have created a world so hostile and dangerous to a cat that we have to lock them up. And 90% of the danger outside comes from us directly or indirectly, I argue.

Cat entertainment then substitutes hunting and stalking at a fundamental level. On that basis…How To Entertain a Cat then? Well, with play as a hunting substitute most often and there are many ways to do that. It is possible to enjoy play with no toys or homemade cat toys but here is a new cat toy, called Undercover Mouse, that really gets ’em excited, entertained and active as well. I think it could be the answer to entertaining our cat, at least for a while!:

Here is another video on this cat toy which answers the question, “How to Entertain a Cat?”:

It looks like a really cool cat toy. A Sphynx cat (monkey-like cats) loves it and they are smart cats. And it is not all fun though. Someone bought one and it stopped working. Is this toy good but unreliable? Yet another person says this, “He sits right next to it, carefully watches it and then paws the feather attachment before ripping it out! Definitely worth the money. It’s as entertaining for the cat as the cat owner.”

No doubt that this is a clever toy. Just need to make sure it is reliable and our darling cats should play with it again and again (unlike some kids!). Cats, like children can tend to get tired of toys so that points us to the idea of homemade ones or self entertainment and one way to achieve the latter is to place a cat tree in a good viewing position near a window.

Update Nov 2009:. This device It needs 3 AA batteries and has a variable speed (
for the mouse!). I am thinking of buying one to see what it is like (they cost about £25 in the UK). But I more or less know (I have become more cynical about this sort of motorized cat toy) that it will be used for a while (maybe) and then the cats will get a bit bored (probably) and then it will have to be put somewhere when not in use (or abandoned by the cats) and then my girl cat might be frightened of it (some cats actually don’t like moterized ca toys because of the noise). You know, there are some obstacles to buying one of these. Has anyone bought something like this and did it work?

Here is a link to another post on making homemade cat toys and building a cat tree (is it worth it?). Oh, I almost forgot, how about a remote controlled cat toy that entertains us at the same time?

There is another so called award winning cat toy that is sure to entertain a cat at least for a while that has an unpronounceable name, Fling-ama-String, it is an ideal Christmas present.

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