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How To Kill a Cat — 19 Comments

  1. This article is right. Cats were made to be faithful companions, not to be left on the streets. A cat’s only chance of survival on the streets is “kill, whatever I can find”.
    If you were a hobo, you’d look for food, right? Miss Kitty on the road there feels no different.

  2. OMG i just came across this looking for a different article… I think it is very sick that people think that they can kill cats just for whatever reason. I am going to have to say a prayer for humanity, this is so EVIL!!

  3. Maybe these people who are sooo concerned about the treatment of cats should take a trip to Vietnam or another country in Southeast Asia. I can not believe how some think that a “cat” has the same rights as humans do and that it should be a crime when a cat is killed. Cats are soooo destructive to the natural environment it is outrageous and I don’t hear complaints about the thousands of other species being decimated by the domestic house cat. Here is a way to get rid of the neighborhood bothersome feline, crush a few light bulbs and mix that with some tunafish. Place this out along the areas the cats tend to frequent and there ya go…..soon….no more cats.

    • Bobby, you are a cruel fool because you have missed one obvious point: humans are thousands of times more destructive of the natural environment than cats.

      Why don’t you feed some light bulbs to some people instead. Or better still someone should do it to you.

      • I agree with bobby cats are no good they just use people to get wot they want once they got wot they want they don’t give a toss about you unlike a dog they appreciate every thing you do for them and love you for if you will never get this from a useing cat.

        • Well eye sucker if you would rather have a panting fawning yes man of a dog than a dignified cat then what the hell are you doing on a cat lovers web site?

          • Well Ruth I do have a cat I bought it for my girlfriend it’s a Somali cost me £450 but it’s like all cats no matter wot breed it’s a useing peace of crap I would prefur a dog over a useing moggy any day.

  4. Cats suck , good for nothing creatures , but make for great target practice , all cats are soo pitiful they don’t deserve to live , and if it don’t die the first shot, wait a minute and try again.

    Note from Michael (site owner): I have published your comment to show decent sensible people what kind of nasty person is out there. I guess most of us know but some people need to be warned.

  5. Cat owners simply refuse to accept that their cat (and this is all cats) kill indiscriminately, it’s their nature and I don’t blame the cats. However there are simply too many cats in the UK with the result that wildlife in general is being decimated at an alarming rate, every day I see two or three local cats hunting in the area around my house and they have killed two broods of birds in my garden. So, what’s the solution, well in my opinion there is only one effective solution and that is to simply find a way of killing all cats in all areas. There is no good reason to have and care for a cat, if you need a companion, get a parrott or a rat or something similar which you can keep indoors and not allow to impact on the environment.
    I know this all sounds very cruel, but it’s the only way because no cat owner can control how their cat behaves, ALL cats are are born killers (it’s natural to them) but we should not allow them to continue.
    How to kill them, antifreeze works but it is a slow painfull death and if your caught you could be in trouble so maybe invent a virus like Myxymitosis that kills rabbits, anyone who does this should be knighted.
    But seriously all cats have got to go.

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