How To Make Our Cat Happy

Q: How To Make Our Cat Happy? One of the secrets to making our cat happy is to PLAY (er……with the cat). A part of the cat’s brain is activated by play and play is a substitute for what he or she would normally be doing naturally, HUNT.

Cats playing is good exercise
ICats playing is good exercise. mage by rihaij from Pixabay
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Also playing with our cat is good for us as it slows us down and makes us smell the roses and puts the brakes on getting wound up about next to nothing.

Cats have preferences just like us so the first task is to discover her preference for toys. This means buying a few or making some different ones and seeing. They are pretty cheap anyway. Sometimes, actually, cats can be frightened by some of the fancier toys. For example, some toys look like mice and others look more like birds. Our cat might prefer one from the other.

This is an interesting video on two counts First it is a highly novel way to make our cat happy through play but what about the screen!! I could be wrong and if so I apologise but I reckon this cat has been declawed front and back and if that is the case it is not a way to make a cat happy (see cat declawing).

Most forms of play with our cat, as mentioned, replicates hunting prey and we should on occasion let out cat catch the prey! One toy that has been criticized for not allowing that is the laser or light beam toy. Cats are apparently, initially, interested and then the enthusiasm wanes.

Playing with a cat helps make them less fearful in a poor environment
Playing with a cat helps make them less fearful in a poor environment but they should be reasonable calm before starting. Photo published here with the express permission of Warren Photographic.

It isn’t all just about play though. A happy cat will be well fed! Food is the way to a cat’s heart, no doubt about it. That means as good a cat food as we can afford and if we can afford the time we should really make our own (homemade cat food).

Then there is that ever-present requirement to groom (Grooming Your Cat). Cats do it to themselves and we can do it to them. This is what our cat’s mother would have done to her or him when she was a kitten so this is pleasurable to a cat. Both ordinary brushing or using devices such as a Furminator (an effective grooming device that removes loose undercoat) or a flea comb as different ways of how to make our cat happy and at the same time to make her healthier (Cat Flea Treatment). Combing our cat also enables us to get near to our cat and inspect her. This allows us to better monitor our cats physical condition, which can lead to better health and good health is one way in how to make our cat happy.

Peterbald bites Peterbald sibling on neck in play
Peterbald bites Peterbald sibling on neck in play. Photo: Светлана Лютова who is also the breeder.

One last point, which perhaps goes without saying, for full-time indoor cats, play or entertainment through our input is more important as there is less opportunity for a cat to amuse herself (e.g., by watching and stalking in the garden). An obvious solution is to have two cats as they can to a certain degree entertain each other. I changed my mind. This is the last point. I know this sounds sentimental but if we love our cat unconditionally it is bound to make our cat happy.

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