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How To Minimize Cat Hair

How To Minimize Cat Hair?? Cat hair is the most irritating thing for people who live with cats. The others in descending order of importance (after cat hair) are:

  1. Urinating in the wrong place or spraying
  2. Cleaning the litter box
  3. Veterinary care
  4. Litter box smells
  5. Being woken up in the early hours! (How to Stop This)

This is based on a large survey from a well known cat site, that I will thank but not mention! Cat hair is shed naturally, of course and one thing we can do to minimize it going everywhere is to groom our cat with a device that removes loose hair so that it is collected in the grooming device before it goes everywhere else!

A well known and effective device is the FURminator deShedding Tool. This device is available worldwide and on Amazon, for example. Note: some cats allow themselves to be vacuumed, it’s true but most won’t because the noise frightens them and this should never be forced on a cat. Once the hair has been shed the only thing to do is to get it up and I have found that the best hand device is what has been called a “buzzy brush”. It is a felt brush. It has no conventional brush hairs just felt which has a nap pointing in one direction and it is this nap that allows the brush to pick up the fine cat hairs.

We could go back to the beginning and adapt a cat that might shed less than others. Some cats have short hair and some long and some short haired cats have single coats. Normally cat hair has a double coat or even a triple coat. The three layers are:

  1. Guard hairs
  2. Awn hairs (Bristle)
  3. Down hairs

The hairless cats, such as the famous Sphynx, have a fine sparse down hair coat. Mixed breed cats have single coats sometimes and some purebred cats have single coats. It is these cats that one should choose in my opinion, as grooming is much easier and shedding lighter. You can feel the difference between a double and single coat. You can feel more of the cat’s body and bone beneath the hair on a single coated cat. A purebred with a single coat would be the the Oriental Shorthair and the Havana Brown. There are others. As for the moggies we just have to look and feel to find out. Of course, the opposite is true, the thick long haired cats such as the Persian will produce more “bad hair days!”.

So, in answer to the question, “How to Minimize Cat Hair?”, one answer is to live with a cat with a single thin coat. And a cat that I have not mentioned yet with a thin crinkly coat that is meant to be one of the least shedding cats is the Devon Rex. You might like to read about Non-Shedding Cat Breeds.

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