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How To Remove Cat Odor

There are a number of good odor removers. This one produced and sold in America (I feature another one as well) is endorsed by a Bengal cat breeder with a lot (relatively speaking) of cats in the house and they are Bengals and I guess some are not altered.

I get no commission on this. Even though I have an Amazon associates account I will not feature this product for a commission. There are similar products I am sure.

The product is “Magic-Zymes – The All Natural Odor Remover That Works”.

The product is “natural” (presume that this means made using natural products but remember “chemical” or artificial products are still arguably natural because the chemicals used are often found in nature). The product is non-toxic and does not contain harmful ingredients. It will not, it is claimed discolor furnishings etc. It comes in a spray or gel.

As I said there is more than one of these sprays. Here is another one:

Just Google search these but please stay on site for a bit longer – thanks.

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