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How To Stop Cat Waking Us Up

How To Stop Cat Waking Us Up

How To Stop Cat Waking Us Up? — Cats sleep lightly and come dawn and dusk they want to be out and about. This is hard wired. Mine just has to go out in the evening, when I am settling in for the night. And she doesn’t like using the cat flap because she is a little bit overweight and old. She is in and out and it is me who opens the door (and she knocks on the door too! — see the vid…).

The same goes for the morning. It might be 3 or 4 or 5 in the morning but she’ll wake me. First she will simply ask. Then her voice changes to a demand and then a kind of p**ssed off scream! The last stage is to either scratch the bed to wake me or jump on the bed and pretend to jump on invisible prey! It invariably works. I accept it but many simply won’t or can’t. What to do?

Well as I said I accept it but for those who don’t here is what the experts say, if you want to play tough:

  • Understand this and don’t blame her or become upset. It is normal behavior.
  • Don’t give in to your cat’s demand not even partial or small responses as these reinforce her behavior (i.e. encourages it – cats will remember what works and repeat it).
  • Keep your bedroom totally dark (I personally would not like to do this but it is recommended).
  • Feed your cat 2x daily but not first thing in the morning
  • Tire her/him out in the day – play!
  • Feed her last meal at bed time
  • Get another cat to keep your cat company

The key is not to inadvertently train our cat to bother us in the early hours by responding to his or her demands. Personally, I do respond (slowly sometimes, I confess) but the experts say not to. The alternative to these rather tough actions is to accept it. Make sure there is sufficient food down in the evening and, yes, lets change our habits to fit our cats!! We can go to bed a bit earlier and get up earlier and in short become more in sync with our cat. There is no quick fix as it is natural for a cat to do as he does.

The key element in the dilemma of How To Stop Cat Waking Us Up, is to train our cat by not reinforcing behavior. My last thought on this. Do we ignore a child who is crying and seeking our attention? No. But a cat is not a child. For some, indeed for many people, a cat is no less important, however. For me, my cat is a part of the family just as a child would be. That is why I bend a little to her needs rather than make her bend to mine.

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