How Was Trouble Killed?

Trouble was killed outside


Trouble (Savannah Islands Trouble) was a fantastic F1 (first filial) Savannah cat. I am assuming, by the way, that Trouble was a first filial Savannah cat because he was so big. In fact he was the Guinness World Records tallest domestic cat. He took the title from MAGIC, a cat I made a video about. Update: Welcome comments tell me that Trouble was an F2 (second generation). Thanks for the comments.

Trouble measured 19 inches to the shoulder beating Magic by 1.9 inches. A beautiful and much admired domestic cat. But he died young. And with the greatest of sensitivity I would like to write about that briefly here. It will have to be brief because we don’t know how he was killed. I feel I am allowed to discuss this difficult subject here because Trouble was such a public cat. He was a celebrity and in the public eye.

On the Savannah Island Cattery website we are told:

Trouble escaped his home on August 15th, and was tragically killed.

I find that short statement very sad indeed because he was born April 20th, 2008. He was four years old and in his prime and a great ambassador for all domestic cats.

A cat like Trouble would have to be supervised if he went out. He was a very valuable and special cat. I presume he was kept inside and when he went outside he would have been on a leash. He was probably well used to it and comfortable on a leash. I think this is the best way to take such a special cat outside. Magic and Titan two other special Savannah cats were good on leads as well.

Was it that he simply got out of the home in some way and was tragically hit by a car? There have been a number of cases of servals escaping homes and being killed one way or another because they are large cats and people are frightened of them. In America there are quite a few people who like to keep servals as pets as they are predisposed to being domesticated (of sorts, but they retain their wild cat nature). The serval is the wild cat half father of the F1 Savannah cat. The F1 Savannah and serval look similar from a distance. Dare I ask, “Did someone shoot Trouble?” That sort of thing has happened before.

Update: It seems that some visitors have misconstrued what I am saying. In writing about servals I am extending the article because I have to as Google likes people to write articles of a reasonable size otherwise Google won’t find the article and list it. Also servals can be domesticated. When domesticated they are not that dissimilar to F1 Savannahs at a distance to a person unfamiliar with wild cat hybrids and wild cat species. So the problem of “escaping” to the outside is similar. In the past escaped F1-F2 Savannah have been mistaken by people for a wild cat species. Under these circumstances there is a danger that the police will shoot it as this seems to be not uncommon in the United States when dealing with wild cats in public places.

It would be nice if someone could tell me what happened. Maybe we can learn from it. Perhaps there is a lesson to be learned. I don’t know.

In the meantime my condolences to Debby Maraspini and Trouble’s human companions and friends.

Note: sources for news articles are carefully selected but the news is often not independently verified.

Michael Broad

Hi, I'm a 74-year-old retired solicitor (attorney in the US). Before qualifying I worked in many jobs including professional photography. I love nature, cats and all animals. I am concerned about their welfare. If you want to read more click here.

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70 Responses

  1. T says:

    Debby, I was so glad to see you weigh in personally on this matter. My heart aches for you. I too have suffered tremendously from people who throw stones when they are operating on half-baked assumptions. I am so sorry for the loss of your true friend who sounds like he was well cared for and loved. This must have been terrible enough for you without people getting up on a high horse and politicizing your pain.

    Cat homes are not prisons. I have tried both free roaming and indoor cat guardianship. Cat nature is to explore. I would love to let my cats roam free. But there are too many dangers, many of them MAN made or caused through human cruelty. And cats spook so easily. The last time I let my cat Shadow outside, he came home with a deep puncture wound; I thought I was gonna lose him and that was the last time I will let him run around. But he is not in prison. He is not being punished. He is being protected. I almost lost another cat years ago to an outdoor accident. It is a tough choice to keep them indoors, because even small domestic cats gain greatly through the stimulation of being outdoors. Through love we keep our felines confined.

    I wish they could find the person who mowed down your baby and put him in a cell or maybe on a busy highway. He/she was probably speeding. I live on a 25mph street and people fly through here.

    I still feel the spirit of my departed felines all the time. I believe in the Rainbow Bridge and hope you do too. It is considerable comfort. It has to be there, right? That’s a forever connection.

  2. D1nonlysnshn says:

    I know this article is very old, but from reading through the article and the comments, one thing is for sure: I am more convinced than ever that there should be no such thing as “breed”. It is the most high-faluting, shameful thing about people-the “top” of the food chain. We think it is ok to mess with nature, have kitten and puppy mills, all to please our desire to accessorize by color, height, temperament, insert several other possible descriptions. And as if that isn’t enough tails and ears are “docked” (whcih is just a nice-sounding word for something very ugly: cutting off a perfectly healthy part of the body for zero medical reasons=mutilation) to achieve just the right look for how the “breed” is supposed to look. All sorts of health problems due to breeding for certain traits, looks, docking on top, declawing, and cutting vocal cords. People, get a computer designed image of a pet! I know most people “swear” they love their _______(insert name of “breed” here) to pieces. Only people have to fiddle around with that they “love” and make it better, because it wasn’t good enough to start with. Scathing, yes very. How would you like to have your ears docked (because they are supposed to have a certain look), vocal cords cut (Because not one wants to hear you talk), your tail cut to a certain length (because it is supposed to only be a stump, or because your owner is tired of it knocking something over), get your claws removed (because this is simpler for your owner and easier on his/her furniture; instead of giving you the proper living environment), oh yes-and when they don’t like your personality you end up in a shelter (or because they just decided having a pet is not for them). Unless we can take all animals the way they are, we should not have any. Who are we to dictate to nature how her creations should be?
    Eight dogs are part of our family: Sox was thrown away as a puppy (an acquaintance, whose dog just had a litter, took her as on) and Chuy of her “litter” mates; Ike and Tina (were given away, these are out oldes at 5): and four shelter dogs (If I could have, I would have adopted every dog at the shelter) Cinderella, Kurly, Moe & Larry, who all have their own stories of abuse, but who are the sweetest ever, and you wonder what soul-less person can do such a thing to something so small…I know this was about a cat…I love cats too…always thought of myself as a “cat-person”…but when my husband and I first met-he had Ike and Tina…

    • Michael Broad says:

      Thanks for commenting. You say:

      Who are we to dictate to nature how her creations should be?

      We (human beings) think we are way above every other creature on the planet and therefore can do as we please. We have misplaced attitude about our status on this planet. We are fools.

      I agree with you by the way.

      • T says:

        Many have forgotten that we were placed in a position of trust and guardianship over animals and this entire planet. Due to avarice and other human failings, we exploit the position of power entrusted to us.

  3. Coffeecat says:

    So many of these comments are hurtful and reading them causes me sadness. It would be great to hear more about Trouble’s everyday life and other friends experience with him.

    • Michael Broad says:

      Yes, I think you are right. But people were upset by this news. The comments were based on an emotional response which is understandable. This cat should not have died young. Thanks for commenting Coffeecat.

  4. Melissa Rodriguez says:

    You are talking about the kittens in the shelter and associating them with breeders, most of those cats are not from purebred lines, and most of us do our best and state in our contract theat if they can no longer care for the pet they are to offer the pet back to the breeder. The purebreds you do see in the shelter usually wind up there by accident. They escape and cat travel pretty far and then be picked up by that local shelter, but has no collar or chip to ID the owner. Yes breeding was suggested to be ban….. This is off the subject though,any are bashing Debby and trouble, isn’t that what this blog’s intent was? Sure seems like it? Even the title incinuates that she was careless and that’s ridiculous, we are human can’t you act like it? I don’t think anyone should start bashing her or the savannah breed until u have had a chance to experience these amazing animals….. Give it a shot, and after u fall in love with they’re dog like nature and very funny daily antics then u have room to speak… But then u will understand what they are also capable of, they are extremely intellegent.

    • Dee (Florida) says:

      On Poc here, you can search and find articles about random bred cats that are “dog like” sometimes and the many antics that some cats pull. Find some of Elisa’s articles.
      These characteristics aren’t unique to bred cats at all.
      Breeding, in no way, produces a more superior cat than a moggie.

      • Ruth aka Kattaddorra says:

        Exactly Dee, ALL cats are beautiful, a pedigree cat is no more beautiful than a random bred street cat, but many humans can’t see that each and every cat is worthy of love and a happy home.
        It was sad Trouble was killed but no more sad than any other cat being killed, even the most battered old unwanted tom cat!
        Maybe all cats valuable in money terms but they each only have one life and every cat’s death is a tragedy to me.
        It’s a tragedy that unwanted healthy cats are killed in Shelters, anyone who truly loves cats should feel the pain of that and want it stopped!
        Breeders encourage the death of those cats!

    • Ruth aka Kattaddorra says:

      Why want a cat with a dog like nature? Love cats then have a cat, love dogs then have a dog!

  5. Melissa Rodriguez says:

    Ban breeding altogether ? That’s ridiculous, I’m sorry that you feel that way. If breeding were ban the breeds we love will be gone, the animals period will be gone, and no one will ever have they’re right to pick a pet that is right for them and what they desire. This has nothing to do with the US, there are plenty of breeders abroad. Do u understand that we keep them safe from harm, why must they be in the world where they can be hurt or get sick and no treatment and then suffer and die, or starve for weeks or sleep in snow, when we love the me enough to feed and care for them and give them a warm bed, or pet them or administer meds when they are sick, instead of letting them die alone. Accidents happen every day not just with animals but humans, how many times have u seen a child drownd in they’re own backyard pool cause no one was aware… If breeding was outlawed there would be no more showing of any breed or species ever and in the wild many will die off. Unless you are pin pointing dogs and cats alone? If so that is surely discrimination. What if we couldn’t breed cows for milk or beef? What if we couldn’t have eggs cause there are no more chickens? What if u couldn’t have a hunting dog by yourside because they are either all extinct or just not that type of dog cause it’s not in they’re genes. Many cats do need homes but most ( not all ) of those come from street cats, or backyard breeders that sell and let anyone breed. Not the responsible ones that look for specific traits that should be passed on or fix ones that should not. Think a little more out side of the box and give good breeders the benefit of the doubt for once

    • Am I not saying breeding should be banned. Did someone else suggest that? I see cat breeding as difficult to accept while so many other cats are deliberately killed because they are unwanted. That is unacceptable to me. If there were a shortage of cat companions you could argue that breeding was OK even good but when millions of healthy cats are killed in the US annually at shelters it makes breeding look a bit wrong.

      I agree this is not just a US problem. It happens anywhere but the numbers are larger in the US.

      Breeding generally will never be banned. There may some more restrictions put in place because dog breeders are known to tend to overbreed – breed to extreme causing health problems. This should be stopped.

      I think cat and dog breeding needs a more responsible approach that is all.

    • Dee (Florida) says:

      Good grief, Melissa.

      I write that I have an understanding of the situation, I accept your opinions, and you come out with full barrels.

      Even if I could, I have no intention of trying to sway you into my thinking. Your opinions are yours, and mine are mine. Not debate worthy.

      I am of the belief that no cat is any better than another and that reproducing needs to cease until kill shelters are empty. That doesn’t apply to just breeders but, also, to irresponsible pet owners who don’t neuter their cats.

      I would never bash Debby. I know the sort of pain that accompanies a tragedy like she had. It has happened to me too. Trouble was a beautiful cat, indeed, but no more beautiful or special than any cat I have ever had.

      • T says:

        Humans can’t/won’t even find a way to keep all humans out of shelters and fed. Yet people just can’t wait to reproduce in spite of overpopulation and the taxing of our beautiful Earth’s resources. Yikes! And we are supposed to be so happy and coo over pregnant ladies and people think something is wrong with you–especially if you are a woman–if you don’t think it’s the greatest when someone’s preggers. It seems selfish to me anyway to bring a baby into this world. I know this comment will get a lot of haters but jeez it doesn’t look like humans or domestic animals are in any danger of bottle-necking anytime soon. They don’t call heterosexuals breeders for nothing–and, yes, I’m straight. We don’t have low cost sterilization available for people, but I would have been front of the line if we did.

        Education AND participation is key to stopping all this senseless animal killing and suffering. Yes, we need to figure out solutions to overpopulation in both people and cats/dogs because there’s just too many.

        I’m not a fan of breeders either. Many of these special breeds have health problems due to inbreeding or the incompatibilities of genetics between breeds. Another selfish act by humans for their own pleasure because they desire this or that.

        Yes, you should adopt a rescue and don’t fool yourself into thinking that desire for a “special” look or type of animal is anything other than a status symbol.

  6. Melissa Rodriguez says:

    Smh…… Wow you guys really have a funny way of thinking, I guess you think no animal should be a pampered pet or well taken care of in a home, safe warm and not starving with proper medical care. Yes I’m aggressive when it comes to my fur babies. Actually I’ve been working with animals for years and I see what happens when they are roaming free and in danger. You don’t think the comments that you are saying are insulting? It’s not a prison he was in it was a loving home that raised him from birth. And these animals are far from wild. I seriously do not understand your train of thought. We aren’t talking about a damn tiger or cheetah cub for gosh sakes. And it’s pretty damn upsetting that you refer to Debbie’s home as a prison, she lost a animal that she absolutely loved with every fiber of her being. You are acting like she was a careless person and treated him badly, that’s why I’m so pissed this whole damn blog on a cat that doesn’t or didn’t belong to any of you is being talked about and assumptions are being made without living a day in the life of owning a savannah.

    • I wrote the article and I was super sensitive about things. I forget what the comments say but each person has a right to air their views and if they are stated honestly and politely but different then they should be respected even if you find them odd.

      Wow you guys really have a funny way of thinking

      What you mean is some people think differently to you but that does not make their way of thinking “funny”. It just means it is different. You could say, “your opinion looks funny to me”. That is more accurate.

      A lot of people love wild cat hybrids and a lot of people are unsure about the ethics of breeding them. Fair enough. A lot of people are unsure about the demands of looking after a super domestic cat like Trouble. You can’t let this sort of cat live like a typical indoor/outdoor cat for instance. That is obvious. That places restrictions on the cat’s life. Is that good especially for a cat that is probably more demanding in terms of activity.

      To some people in Europe keeping a cat inside is not right. I understand the dangers of the outside in the US but Europeans have a right to their opinions.

      It is not automatically good to breed super wild cat hybrids especially when (a) the world is dangerous to such a cat and (b) there so much euthanasia going on at shelters.

    • Dee (Florida) says:

      Melissa, I don’t think anyone here would go out of their way to offend you, Debby, or anyone.
      Trouble met with a horible death and, living in the U.S., I understand why some cats are kept strictly indoors. The dangers are immense. Ofcourse, when he escaped, he wasn’t world savvy enough to steer clear of vehicles. But, no one is at fault, even though I suspect that poor Debby suffers over it every day.
      I think that what most of us have a problem with has to do with breeding altogether when there are so many cats in need of homes and killed every day. I, personally, abhor breeders and wish breeding were outlawed until every shelter cat has a home.
      I think Michael wrote his article with as much sensitivity as he could, not really understanding how such a horrible thing could happen to such a beautiful cat.

      • Thanks Dee. I felt the pain and how sad it was. Very unfortunate. It seems that with such amazing companion animals you have to be super-vigilant. Servals as pets escape quite a lot and there have been several stories of F1/F2 Savannahs escaping and being killed because they are mistaken for wild cats and therefore dangerous (they are shot). Despite the glamour and desirability of these super cats I wonder if there is a place in the modern world for them unless you are rich with plenty of secure space. The world could be too dangerous for cats like these.

  7. Ahsan ul Haq says:

    Sad sad sad sad

    I have no more comments stock about this legend cat.

    Michael I have a suggestion if possible for you to suggest these cat keepers/ breeders if they can make a big settlement ground like JURASSIC PARK movie with fences all around so these cats can not escape and get killed in any accident/ incident. I know western countries can arrange such a big ground and they have finances for this kind of a set-up. I know they can raise a fund through cat lovers and allow them as in the film, in protected cars to visit these cats.

    The main aim for this kind of a settlement is to let these cats breed freely and surely the complaint of under population of the species will automatically solved.

    What do you think? is this possible?
    As far many of us believe that the ultimate reason to keeping them in cages is MONEY.

    Sadness cries behind all the human remedies.

    • One day what you have suggested may happen. It is the only way for wild animals to be safe and free. People can’t live in the same place as wild cats because in the end the cats get killed one way or another.

      “Trouble” was a first filial wild cat hybrid: an F1 Savannah cat and was therefore a domestic cat created to live in the home. The problem is that a cat which is half wild cat (serval) and half domestic cat is pretty wild and wants a lot of space and activity. Living inside the home can’t be satisfactory and they try and get out to explore the outside and then they get killed when they escape.

    • Ruth aka Kattaddorra says:

      Yes sadness cries over the beautiful cats owned and kept prisoners, naturally their deepest instincts long for freedom.
      I’d like to see all those who think it’s acceptable to cage wild or semi wild animals, given a taste of their own medicine by being kept caged in a prison themselves!

  8. Sandy Fauver says:

    You people are so out of touch and have never obviously owned a “pet” who you loved. Please don’t ever get one either because from what you have said I would pity the animal!!!

    Trouble was loved more than life itself and it devastated Debby and the whole cat community when we lost him. He was a very special cat who amazed anyone who came in contact with him.

    Your heartless comments about him really upset me. Unless you have owned an animal who is so special to you please don’t give your senseless opinions. Thank you.

    • Thanks for commenting Sandy. I am sorry you were upset by the comments. I hope my article was respectful. I know what F1 Savannahs are like: “awesome” in a word. Trouble must have been an amazing cat.

      The comments are in fact written by true cat lovers who have cared for cats but they have different points of view to yours probably because most of them live outside of the USA where there are different attitudes. That is all it is about. You don’t want to become upset just because someone else has different ideas to yours. We are all different and it is good to listen to other people’s viewpoints even if you disagree with them.

      I know Trouble was loved with passion and care. I am very sorry you are upset.

      • Sandy Fauver says:

        I don’t think you understand what these type of comments can do.

        Currently, we here in California, are in a fight to save Bengals, Savannahs and Chausie cats from being banned and bred here. As a matter of fact just yesterday a large group of us appeared before California Wildlife and Game to oppose a petition for this! There is another meeting with the State on Oct 8th before we will know the outcome of whether this will become law!!!

        It is EXACTLY these kinds of comments by people totally uniformed on these cats that are giving us all the trouble. So statements like what I read and commented on have caused nothing but problems for other States where they have been banned and now here in California!

        If you have never had actual interaction with these cats, your opinion is really hurting us who have and know the truth about them. So as far as I am concerned they should keep their opinions to themselves if they do not have first hand knowledge of the cats. Sorry, but with what is going on here in California right now “because of people’s opinions” that is exactly what I think.

        • T says:

          Yes, of course the owner of Trouble was devastated. I am so sorry to her. I am a cat owner and understand the bond between a cat and its “owner”. I saw Trouble’s video on a different website and was led to this one because I picked up on the DOB-DOD and wondered what happened to this magnificent cat at such a young age. I do not intend my previous comment to bash Debbi or to make her feel worse. She hurts every day I know for a fact because I am old enough to have lost precious feline friends to illness and would never intend to increase that pain. Even small domestic cats like to escape. It is cat nature to want to run, explore, hunt. Debbi, this is not your fault but the world we live in.

          I would actually love to share my life with as fine a feline as Trouble. BUT I would not purchase any animal from a breeder because there are too many animals in need and dying everyday in kill shelters. This is not about judgment; it is about compassion.

          I do agree that not one of us who has weighed in lived through this experience except for Debbi and close family/friends. I hate this in my own life when people who were not even there think they know all about it and jump to conclusions.

          I have sincere condolences for Debbi. This cat was her friend and companion. Nobody should jump on her back in her grief. Cat (and all pet) grief is deep and lasting.

          I think the only message here is for others to think long and hard about supporting breeders because of sheer numbers.

          It really isn’t appropriate for an article about the loss of a beautiful friend to veer off into comments about animal breeders. Stay on topic! What about the people responsible for Trouble’s death? Bring the hammer down on them for whatever cruelty they perpetrated!!!!

          This story made me so sad and does not need to be politicized. It is the story of a girl and her cat, not a forum for a political platform.

    • Ruth aka Kattaddorra says:

      You are correct, I have never ‘owned’ a pet, but for 40 years I have shared my life with many beautiful cats who need a home. You do NOT ‘own’ a living creature, you are merely their caretaker. Each and every cat I have shared my life with has been/is special to me as is every cat I have ever worked with as a vet nurse and every cat I have met whilst volunteering with cats too.
      So my opinions are far from senseless as are others here who love cats and know that cats are stoic about what fate deals out to them, it doesn’t mean they are happy being ‘owned’ and having NO FREEDOM, it means they have no choice but to accept it!

      • Sandy Fauver says:

        Oh let’s get ridiculous here!!! Now you are quibbling over a word!!! OWN or caretaker. Do you prefer guardian??? You know what please don’t answer me. I can see you have nothing better to do than come here with your “opinions”, totally uneducated when it comes to Savannahs or Bengals. We have a saying here in the US, “opinions are like a$$h*les, everyone has one”. Goodbye and good luck with you life…………..

        • Ruth aka Kattaddorra says:

          Oh yes you’d love to have the last word wouldn’t you but here it is, go and look to the REALLY uneducated about cats. Do something to help stop the mutilation of cats by ‘declawing’ in your country and the murdering of millions of them in Shelters.
          As it happens I have plenty to do voluntarily with animal welfare worldwide and I’ve come to PoC where there are like minded people, for 6 years now.
          We don’t breed half wild cats in the UK, we care for the small domesticated cats who need homes, we don’t have kill Shelters, doesn’t that say it all.
          All breeding of cats should be stopped until every single cat in your country has a home!
          That’s MY final words to you, I care about ALL cats.
          Goodbye to you Sandy and good luck to you too.

  9. Debby says:

    so i haven’t read all that is here… the first thing i did read was this :but I wouldn’t call it his home, I’d call it his prison.” this WAS his home… it WAS NOT a prison…. trouble was an f2 savannah, and extremeley domestic… he loved what he did ( which was going places and meeting new people ) and i am very sad that anyone could thing he was in a prison !!! He did NOT like being outside alone, but was curious just as any other cat would be. The window screen came loose one day when he was home by himself, and he was hit and killed by a car…..

  10. Rudolph.A.Furtado says:

    All cats have a natural tendency to escape from a house if the door is left open.Since “TROUBLE” was a expensive and prized cat i find it careless on the part of his owners to leave him unattended.My cats are totally confined to my flat and i am very careful whenever our house door is opened or guests enter.

    • Michael says:

      Thank you Rudolph. I agree. The bottom line is that someone (a person not a cat) was at fault. And some of these comments that are critical of me are unwarranted and snide.

      • Debby says:

        Rudolph.A.Furtado, expensive has NOTHING to do with Trouble. And prized ?? nope ! Trouble was born at my cattery, and a VERY big part of my life and family. Careless, maybe, But he was confined to the house when i left the house.

      • Melissa Rodriguez says:

        A person was at fault? Really? Can you make sure children never fall and hurt themselves? That’s probably the most insensitive thing you could ever say and actually feel sorry that you turned out to be such a judgmental pompous jerk and by saying that a human or his owner is at fault is like saying you can control everything any child does like trip

        • Sorry Melissa but someone was at fault. That can’t be avoided. Yes, people do make mistakes and it is unfortunate but someone has to take responsibility for the safety of the cat and that person failed. It hurts to say that but it is true.

          Secondly, I don’t like being insulted just because I express my considered views on my website. You’re being unnecessarily rude. You can disagree with me – fine, but don’t insult me at the same time, please.

      • Ruth aka Kattaddorra says:

        Yes the comments are unwarranted and snide, you couldn’t be a fairer man, always taking into consideration everyone’s views.
        There is no need for insults and gutter language, it’s just disgusting!

  11. Robin hendrickson says:

    Sounds like most of you think Trouble belonged in some type of zoo. Zoos are not for our pets.

    • Michael says:

      Sorry, I can’t have made myself clear. I am very familiar with Savannah cats. I know a lot about them and I know what they are. I did not think I gave the impression that they belonged in a zoo. I was just referring to servals that can and are being domesticated. Servals do live in people’s homes as pets. Savannah cats are domestic cats. I know that but thanks for the comment. Sorry I was not clear.

      I have updated the post to clarify my thinking.

  12. Robin hendrickson says:

    Yes, Trouble was indeed hit by a car. I am friends with Debby and I own the longest cat, Stewie. We keep our cats inside to keep them safe. Trouble was not a wild cat. Trouble was an F2. Friendly, loving boy. He did not crave freedom. He actually followed another cat out. The cats at the Cattery have outdoor enclosures so they are not trapped indoors. Trouble was leash trained. not much more I can add here, except that we are ALL heartbroken over this loss of the greatest savannah cat breed ambassador that ever was!

    • Michael says:

      Thanks Robin very much for the extra information. Very nice of you. I realise he was not wild cat. I am just referring to servals who have escaped under similar circumstances. I am very familiar with the Savannah cat. And very sad that such a great cat was killed so unfortunately.

      Update: I have updated the post to clarify what I meant.

  13. Rose says:

    Oh my heart aches for that cat,a little bit of life at last at 4 years old but snatched away.
    I hate it that big cats are captured from the wild and bred with domestic to make half breeds which makes a lot of money for the owners of the poor creatures.
    Marc is right,they do need lots of space,walked on a leash for envious attention from others who would like to own one is no life for a big cat.
    Why can’t people leave cats in their natural habitat,why want more more more and take more from their natural life?
    Millions of already domesticated cats are being killed because they are homeless,wouldn’t it be better to stop selective breeding and making people want to own different cats and to concentrate on caring for the cats already here and needing love?

    • Debby says:

      They don’t need lots of space… what they need is Love, and attention, and enough things to keep them happy. Trouble was NOT confined to the house, he had an extremely large outdoor enclosure. You guys have NO idea what you are talking about unless you knew us both personally !

      • I am pleased to hear Trouble had a nice enclosure. Some people – perhaps people in other countries – might argue that for such a cat with a lot of serval inside of him, being confined to a home and an attached enclosure is not going to satisfy him unless there is a lot of input from people (which there was it seems) and even then it might not be enough. The natural desires will be a range of many acres perhaps square kilometers. However we cut it, indoor cats of this type even with enclosures are imprisoned in a way. It is a form of “house arrest”. I realise there are no other solutions. The only ultimate solution is not to breed cats like this but that is not necessarily my opinion but some people do hold that opinion.

        Thanks for commenting though

    • Debby says:

      Trouble was like my human child. He made me NO money, and i turned down a LOT of money, as many people wanted to “buy ” him. he had no price tag.

      • Thanks Debbie. I feel bad actually that the comments have upset you and Sandy. Personally I don’t read comments in that way. I just take them as someone else’s thoughts but not necessarily correct thoughts or thoughts that are any better than mine. Just take comments as a different point of view and move on. Thanks for commenting.

    • Melissa Rodriguez says:

      Rose you are an idiot these are domestics…. Why does any animal wander away from they’re home if they are given that chance Ruth? Someone needs to donate you some common sense cause u clearly don’t know anything about any animal…. Do u think a horse, rabbit, bird, or even a dog stays put only if they like they’re home…. You guys are really the biggest bunch of assholes I have met, Debbie’s companion died and u don’t send condolences instead you act heartless and stupid

      • You sound like an aggressive person unwilling to at least respect different viewpoints from different cultures. Not everyone thinks like you. You might just be wrong. Has that ever occurred to you?

      • Ruth aka Kattaddorra says:

        ‘Someone needs to donate you some common sense cause u clearly don’t know anything about any animal’

        Well if I don’t know anything about any animal how come I’ve lived with, volunteered with and worked with, animals all my adult life?
        You show yourself up for what you are with your insults, ignorance and vulgarity Melissa!
        Wild animals should NOT be bred from, nor semi wild interbreds kept prisoners.
        Go and visit a few shelters and see the beautiful domestic cats who will be killed for lack of homes because people feel the need to OWN cats bred especially to pander to their egos!

      • Ruth aka Kattaddorra says:

        On Rose’s behalf because sadly she doesn’t come to PoC any more, she is far from an idiot and I know for a fact she does a great lot for animal welfare because she cares deeply for animals, especially cats.
        There is no excuse for vulgarity and insults to Michael or to any PoC visitor.
        A cat lived his life as a prisoner for no crime and died when he escaped his prison and that is the only sad thing about this whole affair.

  14. marcinswitz says:

    If law enforcement could not impose classification of information then people wouldn’t necessarily think they are so great. Clearly there is a legal protection of sorts going on here. That is almost unquestionable. Therefore we can probably never really know what happened unless somebody who knows is willing to break the law. Simple as that.

  15. Ruth aka Kattaddorra says:

    What saddens me most of all are the words ‘Trouble escaped his home’
    Yes he did escape, but I wouldn’t call it his home, I’d call it his prison.
    No matter how well cared for and loved any cat is, it doesn’t make up for their lack of freedom. Especially wild cats interbred with domestic cats. How can they ignore their instincts to take their chance to be outside FREE, not fettered by harnesses.
    I’m sorry I don’t look upon them as special cats, to me all cats are special and deserve to live the life a cat needs.
    Who is the tallest cat means nothing to the cat, only to the caretaker.
    Poor Trouble, a taste of freedom and killed, I feel no sympathy for his caretakers only for that poor cat and all the others especially bred, like him.
    I hope he enjoyed that one and only short burst of freedom in his life.

    • marcinswitz says:

      With a cat like that you would need a large amount of land walled in such that he or she could not escape. I think that would be the only reasonable way to provide quality of life to a cat so big – but I would say that this would be the best solution for any cat. As you say, they are all equal and deserving. The trouble with indoor cats getting out is they don’t know how to handle being out in a human environment so they get hit by cars more easily I suspect. A cat who knows the outdoors would probably not die immediately. How sad this story is. It is too short. I reckon something very contraversial must have happened and I bet they were legally required not to say what really happened. Why else would it come down to just one sentence like that. Somebody probably did something very bad and their identity is being protected. So many people out there have guns. It doesn’t take much to imagine a cop doing the job actually. Very sad for poor Trouble. It’s heartbreaking really. Those are my suspicions anyway. With such a public profile why else would so much go unsaid. Clearly the public would be incredibly angry. I believ he was shot by law enforcement.

    • Robin hendrickson says:

      He was never wild. A beloved domestic cat. We prefer our beloved fur children to be safe from cars and coyotes.

    • Debby says:

      sorry to say Ruth aka Kattaddorra, but you are a complete ASS ! He did NOT enjoy that day he got out, he was not a “poor cat” he enjoyed every day he was with his humans, and teaching others the special place a cat has with people.

      • Ruth aka Kattaddorra says:

        ‘Sticks and stones may hurt my bones
        But names can never harm me’
        As it happens, an Ass is a beautiful animal and I’d be proud to be one.
        I hate that ‘special’ cats are bred from domestic cats and wild cats who should be FREE! Then their offspring for generations are denied their freedom too.
        All this while millions of ordinary domestic cats are killed in Shelters daily because no one wants them!
        How can that be right????

        • Sandy Fauver says:

          Debby has so many rescue animals it isn’t even funny. She will take any animal in need! Her animals food is bought before hers!!!

          She is a true animal lover who happened to fall in love with Savannah cats. To take her to task for that is just plain wrong.

          If you have never actually interacted with Savannahs, Bengals or others you cannot possibly even know what they are like. You talk about “wild” they are so far from wild it isn’t even fair to use the word “wild” about them. The get along fine with domestic cats and even dogs!

          So go ahead and have your “uneducated opinion” because that is what it is, uneducated, because you have never interacted or probably seen a real Savannah or Bengal! So just how can you have that opinion without first hand knowledge. It is about as intelligent as me saying “I don’t like eggs”, have I ever eaten one? “No, I haven’t, but I just don’t like them” !!!! Makes as much sense as your “opinion” and that is JUST MY OPINION !!!!!

      • Dee (Florida) says:

        Sorry Debby. But, name calling seems out of order to me. Everyone here is entitled to an opinion.

        What happened to your beloved Trouble was tragic. I’m so sorry for your loss.

      • Barbara says:

        Totally agree with Dee, very bad form to attack someone like that, it’s tragic that the cat lost his life, very sad that he saw his chance to escape and paid with his life for his momentary freedom. Every individual cat is special, domestic cats are very special and millions are homeless why breed more.

    • Sandy Fauver says:

      These cats are considered “Domestic” cat check out the TICA website!

      In my “opinion” anyone who allows their animal, cat or dog to roam free all the time should not be allowed an animal. How do you like that!??

      Disease, cars, dog fights, cat fights and predators, coyotes, snakes etc can kill them.

      A responsible pet “guardian” (because you take offense to the word “owner”, will not allow their pet to roam “free” if you truly love and care for them!!!

      Trouble was not in a “prison”, how very rude of you to even mention that word. He went everywhere with Debby on a leash and harness!! He was treated better than most people’s children!! Debby mixed special food for him!

      He happened to “escape” the house, cats are curious you know, she took him outside and supervised him at all times, but this day he escaped on his own and some indecent human being hit him with their car and NEVER even stopped.

      So LETTING animals “roam free” is ridiculous if you love them and want what is best for them!!! Mine sure don’t feel like they are prison!!! And I will NEVER let them roam free!!!

      • Ruth aka Kattaddorra says:

        Take a trip to the UK and see cats enjoying their lives as cats should, unfettered, sitting in the sun nibbling grass.
        We all know cats are stoic and accept what fate deals out to them but it doesn’t mean they are happy, it means they have no choice in how they live.
        ‘On the Savannah Island Cattery website we are told:
        Trouble escaped his home on August 15th, and was tragically killed’
        Note the word ‘escaped’ … in a prisoner escaping from jail’
        If Trouble was so happy why did he run away?

      • Hi Sandy. I guess it depends on the cat and and the place as to whether you let them roam a bit. In parts of the UK it is safe to let that happen (no predators and no traffic or very little traffic).

        But with Trouble, such a splendid and outstanding cat, for me it would be impossible to envisage him going out unsupervised. F1 Savannahs are good on leashes. So that was obviously perfect. Also in America, I realise that there are more outside hazards such as wild predators and people who like to shoot cats especially if they mistake an F1 Savannah for a leopard or something.

        I understand the issues. It is a great shame the accident happened.

    • Melissa Rodriguez says:

      You people have no idea what you are talking about. ” his prison ” give me a break he was a well loved domestic cat that was well care for.

      • Melissa, I understand your point and am sympathetic to it but other people have different views and some people don’t like the idea of full-time indoor cats or cats in enclosures etc. Different cultures create different ideas about cat caretaking. I think we should respect their views too.

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