How can American cats enjoy the 4th July?

4th July celebrations for the cat

How can American cats enjoy the 4th July? People say that their cat is an important member of the family. So, what is in for them during the 4th July celebrations? What can the cat get out of this day of fun and festivities for Mr & Mrs American?

Almost everyone, anywhere in the world knows about the American 4th July celebrations. Fireworks and food seem to be the traditional way to celebrate America’s independence from Great Britain. I wonder what the world would be like if the United States was still British 😉 A fun thought. I am sure that it is not a fun thought for all (any) Americans. But it would be different country. A better country. Enough….

In addition to food, fireworks and festivities, some cities – such as Washington – put on parades and shows and events, which loyal citizens can attend. I expect more than the usual number of American flags adorn houses. Brits find this odd; too patriotic for our liking.

Most websites write about how to keep your cat safe on the 4th July. The typical suggestions are:

  • keep your cat inside the home and;
  • ensure there is a safe hiding place for your cat for when the fireworks blast off and;
  • ensure your cat is microchipped in case she gets out and runs for her life and;
  • distract your cat by playing with her…

The last one is the best. One way the cat can benefit from the 4th July celebrations is receive more attention from their human caretaker as a form of compensation for the potential and actual distress caused by the disruptions: guests and fireworks and so on.

The second thing a cat should get from these celebrations is a day of best quality food if she is normally fed boring dry food. Give her an expensive treat of finest wet cat food. Add to that a few human treats that you know will please her. Make sure the finest cat food is a type she likes. Cats on cheap dry food get used to it.

Thirdly, give your time and energies generously to your cat. How about a 200% increase in time spent playing and cuddling your cat? Buy a new cat tease in preparation or better still, make one. There is nothing better for your cat than time spent with you, particularly if a lot of the time you are busy working or dashing around organizing the barbecue for the 4th July celebrations!

Sometimes, a little moments when you are doing things for guests, it is possible to involve your cat. I don’t know if Americans give presents to other people on 4th July. I doubt it but if you do it is a great opportunity to spend 5 minutes playing with your cat as they love boxes and wrapping paper. That is the other thing that people all over the world know.

Lastly, what about some special 4th July cat music!

Make sure your cat gets the most out of what is exclusively a human celebration. We owe it to them.


  • Ragdoll cat copyright Helmi Flick
  • Fireworks by Beverly & Pack
  • Editing by Michael at PoC.
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  1. In Wisconsin you can have class C fireworks in your possession, but to light them off you need a permit. But no one gets the permit. I think the permit should be required in order to purchase the product. Permits would be granted only for suitable display sites, for shows beginning before ten p.m. to people who took at least a basic fireworks safety course. Right now it’s a free for all and people are getting hurt, damaging property and starting fires as well as creating noise pollution. I’m a pyro technician. I love fireworks, but I hate their misuse.

    The money spent on shows is not wasted. People in China earn a living making the product, fireworks companies in the USA exist and employ people in many capacities, some full time year ’round. Shoot teams get paid. On the big shows our company pays for crew dinners at expensive places– adding to the local economy in that way. Our waitress at this year’s crew dinner received a tip of nearly $200! We also rent Ryder Trucks, buy snacks and beverages for our team, and sometimes stay in motels while on the road delivering product or putting on shows. Local farmers make money renting out some of their land for fireworks bunkers. Vendors selling drinks and souvenirs at the show also make money. It’s not like the money to fund a show is thrown away, it goes to a lot of hard working people allowing them to support themselves. The shows are a great equalizer, enjoyed by rich and poor alike.

    But pets don’t belong at fireworks displays. They can’t enjoy that. But people can. Our shows are not just all noise, although Italian style shows are heavier on the noise. The most recent show we did included some beautiful effects that weren’t loud at all. I prefer color to noise myself. I know there is some pollution, though we clean the area the best we can. Disney has done studies since they shoot shows daily at their parks, and the environmental impact was shown to be minimal. Daily shows seem like too much to me constantly in one area, although they use compressed air to lift shells instead of lift charges, so that cuts back on a lot of waste and garbage. I think fireworks are fine once in awhile, away from pets, with permits, shot by professionals or those with some training to be safe, and following all rules for safe distances from people or buildings. I would like to see the industry itself work to being about these changes. It’s hard though. No professionals like those roadside stands or feel comfortable with that stuff being shot in an unsafe way close to people, pets and buildings.

  2. I’m not old but I hate fireworks too.For God’s sake there are people and animals in the world starving,it’s obscene all that money going up in smoke for the benefit of the ones who can only celebrate by a noisy spectacle.
    A box of bangers about £20 how many would that money feed x by all the millions going off,I despair of the waste I really do.
    Not a thought for frightening old folk,animals and birds.
    Whoever invented them wants sending up on a sky rocket.

  3. Monty is celebrating the 4th by learning to tolerate my mother-in-law. Jeff’s parents came down for the big show we worked on at the lakefront in Milwaukee and are staying at our house until they leave for Branson this weekend. We are not at home, but are out working fireworks shows, so Jeff’s mom is caring for Monty. I have her feeding him salmon, his favorite type of “tuna” and he has stopped hissing and growling at her. He actually walked past her to go outside this morning and he didn’t even hiss or growl as he walked by. He misses us though.

  4. 4th of July fireworks celebrations is akin to the “Diwali Festival” in India where the night is filled with fireworks.This is the time all animals, pets or strays have a nightmare and many go missing, bolting out of their owners houses. Advising pet owners, to keep their pets securely locked indoors during the 4th of July Independence celebrations in U.S.A.

    • Well, we do. But those who frequent this site, no better, as you well know. It is not too late, though, to heed your warning, for we, here and there, have another wk of this stupid nonsense.

      • I hope all cats are kept safe.
        I feel for feral cats and outdoor animals and wild life, they must be panic stricken because they have no warning of the noise about to start and no idea when it will end.
        But as always the human’s selfish pleasure comes before caring about other species.

  5. It’s just like the celebration of Guy Fawkes here on 5th November, except what used to be ‘fireworks day’ is now ‘fireworks months’
    From October bomb like bangers are going off, even though they aren’t supposed to be sold so early. Then Christmas is quite bad and New Year’s Eve a nightmare from midnight.
    I don’t know why people have to make a loud noise to celebrate anything, they don’t care about anyone else, pets, animals in fields, or small wild life.
    I hate loud fireworks as I can remember the days of Catherine wheels and snow fountains and sparklers, all pretty to watch, there is no need for them to bang 🙁

    • I guess I didn’t realize that y’all have similar situations.
      I’m with you. I remember the days of sparklers and pretty. QUIET things.Much of the stuff going off tonight won’t be things that are legal to buy or even sell here. I guess you can get anything you want if you want it badly enough.

        • Those huge rockets are the worst, they whizz and then explode like a bomb, our house windows rattle with those things. They cost at least £1 each too! What a waste of money!
          I think for people who lived through the war, like our late mother, it must be terrifying, she likened the fireworks to buzz bombs, said they heard the buzz, then silence, then the explosion. They’ve got even louder too since she died!

  6. I dread tonight because the households around me will be shooting off firecrackers, bottle rockets, etc. well past midnight. I keep as many cats inside as possible. Some are semiferal and, for them, I’m glad that I have a large deck they can hide under. I’m usually up all night trying various distractions, ie. play, special food and treats, and I often put on some soothing music.

    This is common U.S. lunacy. Sadly, I would guess that about 50% of the people don’t even know why they are making such noise. They just know they can.

    New Years Eve is just as horible.

    • Sounds exactly like Guy Fawkes night in the UK (bonfire night – Nov 5th). Just an excuse for a bit of fun only for me it is not that much fun. In fact I have learned to hate it. Cats would say the same thing.

    • My Gigi is quite scared of fireworks. Last time she hid all night inside the lining of the couch and she was growling quietly occasionally. Poor thing was so scared. It’s the first time I have had a cat affected strongly by fireworks.

      • It is upsetting for a cat’s caretaker to see their cat so scared. There is nothing that can be done to ease things at that point. A cat should simply have a good place to hide.

        All my cats have been frightened of fireworks and it lasts all evening until late and sometimes for days beforehand.

      • They can’t . I can’t. The mother Robin in my cat’s front yard is herding her fledglings right now, against all of that backgrnd noise. She is immune to it. (not really.)

        • Michael, Marc, two Ruthies, feliners, my friends, my flag has flown. Bunny flag. In honor of my best friends. 🙂

          • Need you position that? I have an eighteen yr-old and a four1/2-yr-old. MuckaLuck and Shrimp. My Lucky and my Shrimpie(they are both overweight, I try not to feed them what I should be eating. I don’t know how to stop, though. They look UP, with those beautiful eyes. I adore them. >..< [Why don't we have a feline emoticon?]

  7. Aren’t they celebrating England’s dependence on the US? There is a powerful if not huge and ironic twist to what’s happening in the world at the time of this celebration. The nature of which in itself allows them to go on celebrating.

    My word for this month will be ‘impunity’.

    • Yes, I think you have put a fresh spin on the celebrations. Judging by what we can guess – for example the UK’s interception of cable telephone and text transmissions outside of UK’s jurisdiction (presumed mid-Atlantic ocean), which supports America’s spying of Germany and China and other countries, we are dependent on the US.

      Things have gone wrong and we heading in the wrong direction. It is time to buy gold and head for the hills.

      • England might even be worse, or just part of it as much. But it’s not the boss which I guess is what the celebration is really about. Seems like when push comes to shove all our countries will bend out of shape.

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