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How do I make a cat love me less? — 6 Comments

  1. What a beautiful cat,but what an egotistic immature girl. I agree she is using him to make herself look irresistable,she needs to grow up,we are not impressed. Lie down and any loving cat will come and join us,it’s what they do and I love it.

  2. I think that cat will gravitate to anyone willing to allow it. He is one of the cheerful loving ones. Not a one person cat. The girl is just enjoying and exploiting the character of the cat. If that is the case, pretty cute. We don’t know her, but I sure recognize the personality of that cat. He will love most anyone I think.

    Kind of reminds me of a certain big red cat I know and love. I could make th same video. Hahaha. The old lady version. Less seductive lol. Marvin would play his role perfectly.

  3. She is an attention seeking person who obviously loves herself very much. She’s lying there (who on earth lies down to make a video unless they want to look seductive?) and naturally the cat will lie with her as she’s obviously made a big fuss of him before and made him attached to her.
    Her parents probably haven’t had a look in with the cat, far from committing suicide he will adjust after she’s gone if they pay him lots of attention.
    Sorry but it makes me angry that she is using this cat’s love to make herself look more important than she really is.

  4. The cats regular caretakers could just be losers and the cat is desperate. It’s more than sad actually. To be honest I cant watch the video having read the article. I don’t think it would be very pleasant. Tell her parents to take more care of the cat I suppose so when somebody who is nice comes over the cat doesn’t get totally hooked anymore. Otherwise stop complaining unless you enjoy it and don’t mind betraying the innocence of a cat who loves you too much.

    • A comment packed full of humour and amusement 😉 Nice point about the cat’s owners. What are they doing? Not much by the look of it. I have never heard of a person trying to get a cat to stop liking them until I noticed this story. I’d be honored and I’d lap it up.

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