How many cats can you fit in a small box?

The answer is four adult cats. It is a big squeeze, though. They have got to be friendly because they are all over each other.

How many cats fit in a small box?
How many cats fit in a small box?
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We know cats generally like boxes. We know cats have adapted to getting along in colonies and supporting each other. But, this is getting silly. These guys have got to be the best buddies to be climbing over each other to book a spot in this very desirable box.

About the picture: It is from the pictures of Facebook webpage. I believe it is free to use.

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8 thoughts on “How many cats can you fit in a small box?”

  1. What a lovely pic, cats being cats, I really like to see cats getting on so well together and playing and cuddling together. That box looks ready to burst!

  2. Yes a good picture.
    We never get more than one cat at a time in our cardboard boxes because our two boyz have a ‘time share’ arrangement lol

  3. lol I love that picture it’s funny how cats love cardboard boxes and 2 of mine sometimes cram in together but never 4 at a time like that lol

      • I know the answer – the box was only a bit attractive until there was one cat in it – then it became 50% more so, and then with another cat, another 50% – these cats are siblings – I’d bet my money on it. I have seen this before with slightly younger cats many times.


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