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How many cats can you fit in a small box? — 8 Comments

  1. What a lovely pic, cats being cats, I really like to see cats getting on so well together and playing and cuddling together. That box looks ready to burst!

  2. Yes a good picture.
    We never get more than one cat at a time in our cardboard boxes because our two boyz have a ‘time share’ arrangement lol

  3. lol I love that picture it’s funny how cats love cardboard boxes and 2 of mine sometimes cram in together but never 4 at a time like that lol

      • I know the answer – the box was only a bit attractive until there was one cat in it – then it became 50% more so, and then with another cat, another 50% – these cats are siblings – I’d bet my money on it. I have seen this before with slightly younger cats many times.

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