How to Bond With Our Cat

How to Bond With Our Cat

Question: How to Bond with Our Cat

Have you seen the film “Camelot”. I think it has the actor Richard Harris singing in it playing King Arthur. He does a good job and he declares that the best or only way to deal with a woman is to love her. This is correct! Very true. The answer to this question is then to love our cats. Love them as equals. See them as equals. There are no fancy methods required in answering the question, “How to Bond With Our Cat?”. Personally, I would reject any cat behaviorist who has devised some fancy training scheme or some such method. Bonding will arrive naturally just as it does between people if the underlying behavior encourages and builds it.

This does, though, require the right attitude from us. The world is divided about the domestic cat. Some people can relate to cats and some can’t. Provided the cat is a normally socialized cat, if we can’t bond with our cat it is most likely to be because of us. One last point. If we adopt a feral or long term stray cat there may be a need first to Tame Wild Feral Cats and Kittens before we bond.

If we love cats, this will naturally motivate us to do what cats like best:

  • To be fed really nicely – always buy decent cat food and find out (gradually) what their preferences are. Cats like humans have their own individual tastes. For instance my Binnie likes biscuits and loves above all else prawns (ideally fresh! but normally cooked from frozen) and boiled fish. Timmy also likes prawns but any good cat food will do him but not biscuits.
  • To be stroked gently. Men have a tendency to stroke too hard. Always gently. This is what the mother cat would do and it reminds our cat of that.
  • To be combed gently. This is a very tender loving process. Using a flea comb as an alternative will also allow us to discover fleas and to kill ’em, the horrible things. Gentle flea combing around the neck area will pleased our cat, she’ll feel good and so will we.
  • To be played with. Cats can get bored indoors. A bit of play goes a long way.
  • To be catnip zapped. A bit of this from time to time will zonk her or him out and he will like us for that.
  • To be spoken to in a nice voice. Eventually our cat will understand the tone and our body language and know what to do. This is a form of cat training.

Above all else, love her or him gently and she or he will bond beautifully. And as the years roll by the bond will grow into a special form of true human to cat love.

How to Bond with Our Cat — Update: It is occurred to me that there may be an expectation issue here. What we expect to achieve in terms of bonding with our cat may not be realistically possible. Cats and humans can live nicely together as companions but the relationship is different (but not less good, perhaps better for some) to a relationship with a person or a dog. We should expect that. And, of course, what I have said here is based upon a normally socialized cat. Some cats are going to be badly socialized, in which case it will take longer to bond but time and tender loving care will produce a result, nonetheless.

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