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“Humane” Officer Shoots 5 kittens; Chief says he won’t be disciplined — 61 Comments

  1. Others have posted this at the Daily Paul, but that was a while ago. With the ‘Puppycide’ documentary being back up on the front page again, I posted a link to your site and similar links. It’s sad that the common decency and ‘protect and serve’ mindset of the police and other officers has disappeared. In its place we have the mindset of ‘intimidate and enslave’, and abuse your power when you can.

    • I completely agree and thanks for the link. If it helps, it is becoming very similar in the UK. The right to free speech in protests has been curtailed. That is one of the fundamental rights and it is disappearing.

  2. Elisa, this is somewhat of a tangent, but this just popped up in my gmail from


    “A New York woman says her family’s interest in the purchase of pressure cookers and backpacks led to a home visit by six police investigators demanding information about her job, her husband’s ancestry and the preparation of quinoa.”

    Goodness gracious, guess we can’t leave lying around recipes for quinoa any longer. Hide your pressure cooker…

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  4. Thank You, Elisa. His name, Barry Accorti. Police chief’s name: Mike Freeman ? Correct me, if I’m wrong. In the state of Ohio. North Ridgeville, OH .

  5. Hey Elisa!? You (deleted) Guess what you are accomplishing? (LOL!!!!!!!)

    The only thing these invasive-species (deleted) are accomplishing is that millions more cats are being destroyed as fast as possible; feral, stray, pet, it matters not today! Not quite what they had hoped to accomplish, but at least they’re helping to finally put an end to the ecological and disease catastrophe that cat-lickers have caused and perpetuate worldwide.

    Google for: Loews Hotels Feral Cats

    (deleted) Google for: Cats Venice Complex Reprieve

    A $150 million renovation project for low-income housing, put on hold, jobs lost, money lost, homeless still homeless court costs and lawyers, just to save a few of their feral vermin cRats. …..remainder deleted by admin as it is pure rant.

    • Hi Woody! When I’m bored, I write. When you’re bored, you spout nonsense.

      Guess which one of us will be remembered 50 years from now?

      And FYI I also wrote to help a homeless man find his dog. And I wrote about how homeless people can get their pets into homeless shelters.

      What have YOU done that’s good for the world? I’m curious.

  6. I’m sorry but the USA is a country that regularly abuses human rights all over the world, has no respect for it’s own people, most of whom don’t even know what their country does in the world, it’s a country which has no respect for privacy and which is more corrupt than Russia but it is presented in a different legal seeming way. It also has created terrorism like never before and it continues to do so with impunity. The world would be a very different place without it.

    What do you expect from a big fat mean unintelligent bully. Killing kittens with guns is just part and parcel with the US of f*cking A

    • I get the message 😉 Recent whistle blowers are revealing to the world what the USA does in secret. The recent case of Snowden revealing the NSA hacking and the big brother scenario is shocking. The UK is bad too. We are a poodle to the master USA. The police in the UK are becoming horrendous, snuffing out free speech in protest marches. I am seriously concerned about the way things are developing. Turkey is meant to be a democracy yet protesters are killed and bulldozed off the streets. Democracies are no longer democratic. Maybe they never were. I’ll tell you, I am sick of it.

      • I apologize for my rather inflammatory remark. Actually you hit on a subject I was discussing just yesterday. One of democracy. We were talking about how in the USA, Russia and China are infact very similar authoritarian undemocratic countries where the governments will do as they please and anybody who objects is a traitor. America just paints it differently but look at Bradley Manning “aiding the enemy” – the US government and military has no shame and behaves with impunity just as in Russia and China. Turkey is another smaller example. England is like one of America’s feathers really. I wonder how much of that is because the US puts pressure on England and pulls the “we helped you in WW2” card or if England really just feels pressure. We know that if the US doesn’t get what it wants it behaves just like North Korea in the way that it simply threatens entire countries. It even threatened Sweden because of the pirate bay and it’s threatening Switzerland because of our banks and offshore money. Being small countries we have to do what the US says because we know that if the US doesn’t like us it will just threaten trade. I know England looks a bit like America’s gimp but I think that’s just because America is scary, not because anybody actually agrees with their way of operating around the world.

        It seems like America doesn’t even care what people think of it because it has enough power to behave badly anyway. In regard to this Snowdon ‘whistleblower’ thing they will just extradite him and then torture him by putting him in solitary confinement and call him a traitor – all the while completely ignoring the fact that the rest of the world sees it as a total breach of human rights from start to finish. But the US just doesn’t care does it. It’s basically saying ‘yes we do whatever we want wherever we want and if you don’t like it you are the enemy and we don’t even care how bad that looks’.

        I really hope europe follows through on this data business and starts to limit how much of the mobile phone data the US can get it’s hands on and whatever else it doesn’t already have. But I bet the US will do a North Korea and come out with a bunch of threatening political rhetoric.

        The US is no different to China or Russia or North Korea or any other autocratic state yet it tells it’s own people it’s doing everything in the name of freedom and democracy. To me this is worse than the worst propoganda that ever existed.

        • There are many of us who live, who do our best to lead ethically strong lives. We did not choose to be born here. Only a few it seems are able to make the huge transition to another country. I have felt stuck here for a very long time, with only enough financially to squeak by. Most of my Chinese friends moved to Canada, after coming here. I do not think much of our political state of affairs, and that is all I am going to say.

          • I totally understand that – and I should mention I am American although I am French as well so I don’t have to tell anyone I have a US passport and it basically sits in a drawer probably never to be renewed again. I’m just a little nervous to admit it here. For example if I tell my bank I am American they will ask me to get an account with another bank. It’s just how it works here for a umber of technical reasons to do with how the US treats banks with US account holders. Banks don’t want them anymore. But my whole familly is from Long Beach and LA including my mother who is from LA. She is also trying to get another nationality so she can get on with her life and not have to worry about it.

            It’s nobody’s fault where they are born. Of course. It’s also nobody’s fault if their own government treats them badly and does terrible things in their name without anybody’s permission except their own. That’s why it’s all the more outrageous that the US doesn’t tell it’s own people about what it’s up to elsewhere – it’s a form of propaganda similar to Nazi Germany or something and people are angry about it but it looks like the US gov is no longer a strictly democratic organization so it does what it wants regardless of the people – all the while trying to hide everything from it’s people so they themselves can’t make a decent or informed judgement. It’s just a modern mix of all the worst political qualities we have seen throughout history but packaged differently to suit the times.

            I am sure most citizens would be in shock if they knew what was really going on. Nobody does really know I suppose – it’s hard because the way the system functions is shrouded in secrecy and anyone who thinks otherwise is a traitor and aiding the enemy (that really does sound like communism or facism when they start saying that).

            I personally wish the US people would just know and be kept in the loop regarding what is done in their name. I’m sure the younger generations would be very much against most of it. If the process was more open and truly democratic then it would seem fine and fair and the judgements of Americans would be realistically informed and the world would be a much better place for it.

        • Agree with all you write. America is no better than China and these other undemocratic countries. That is why America cannot lecture China on human rights. The Chinese just say take a look at yourself.

          The same goes for destroying the environment. China does a lot of that. America however leads the way.

          One good thing is that the average person is beginning to see the truth. Manning and Snowden have a lot of fans across the world. Their persecution leads to protests against other areas of undemocratic behavior because they are high profile. People become angry about being abused by big business and governments working together.

  7. Again – and again – it won’t stop I guess – it seems to be getting worse. Poor mama cat. She must be traumatized forever.

    • …it seems to be getting worse

      It is getting worse. The world is becoming more stressed and less democratic and decent. Population growth is probably the cause.

      • You said it. Education and birth control are key. We don’t need government mandating one child per family, as was done in China. We need more, more, more education and free birth control in the U.S.; do you disagree?

        • I agree Caroline EDUCATION is the key to better animal welfare but passion and commitment are needed too and very important, more people who care.

          • Ruth, I agree with you, wholeheartedly. (And btw, I’ve never put a bullet to the head of an animal. I have had to consider it, though, because of the suffering. I could never, ever, do it. We have all suffered, as you know. Thanks for the reply.

  8. This is terrible and he should be made to pay for his crime, it was senseless needless murder of those innocent kittens!

  9. I’m really sick of law-enforcement approved if not instigated atrocities against innocent little creatures. He could have easily trapped the kittens and taken them to a shelter to be more humanely euthanized. Every time I hear someone say of a well-cared for pet cat “I want to come back in my next life as a cat!” I think of ferals who have no one to depend on but themselves and are prey for any sadistic human who considers them targets.

    • Do you have any idea how many of these cases I’ve covered now? 57 in the last year. And I quit writing them for almost 5 months because I couldn’t take it anymore. If I didn’t have the happy military dog page to keep me balanced I’d go nuts. This is why you don’t see me posting much on Cat Writer’s Association as much. http://www.furbyshouse.com/Dogs-and-the-Military.html. I don’t do many cat abuse articles anymore. People would rather hear my true life experiences than read about cats being murdered. But I had to do this one. Thought I was going to have to go to London to get Michael to take time to publish. I have him another for tomorrow that’s tied into this one. MICHAEL CHECK YOUR EMAIL!!! I found someone like Woodsman in the U.S. and wrote about it.

      • Yes, Elisa. I will check my mail even more frequently…Phew. Chain me to my computer. I must say, I am shocked by the number of similar cases. It seems attitudes towards the cat is poor in some segments of society and I think it is because of irresponsible cat ownership. The cat becomes thee victim of irresponsible people. Typical

        • I’m chained to mine too these days. I’m fortunate I can write straight news very fast. It takes a bit more time to stick my foot in my mouth when writing for PoC 🙂

          My newest skill is sleep-texting, which I do between 3-8am.

      • btw, my Henry dog, German Shepherd that I trained at ten wks, loved my cats! 🙂 Miss him. (never have had the heart to replace him, because he is irreplaceable.)

        • Neither are my cats, but, therein my true heart lies… Henry Hippolyte Bayerd was a Grand Champion. But then, so are all of my cats, always.

    • Yes, what was so hard about picking them up and putting them into a carrier or trapping them if they were hard to catch. It is not only cruel behavior but careless, sloppy and lazy behavior.

      • I don’t understand the vagrant differences in Animal Control Depts from county to county. Here in Lincoln, NE, I can contact a dispatcher at AC about a household that I know has a flea infestation and uncared-for kittens/cats. They promptly act by knocking on the door and giving or leaving a warning to take care of it immediately. When I follow up, almost always, the adults in the household had enough wherewithall to take proper measures.

        Why are there such differences (in standards?) within the system? Is the federal gov’t here in the U.S. too soft on the states in these matters? (I know that I’m naive. That’s why I am posing this to you, Elisa and Michael.)

  10. This is disgusting and this officer used poor judgement at the very least. The bad news is basically his boss is condoning his actions. Say what?!

    They’re would have been all over someone had they discharged a firearm 5 times in the city limits. More than likely, if Joe Citizen had done that, he would have been arrested.

    To shoot kittens in front of children is cruel and inhumane at best. They could be severely traumatized for years.

    This jackass needs to lose his job…AND NOW!

    • Yes, the child element of this is shocking. It shows a complete disregard for decency and a complete lack of sensitivity. He should be summarily dismissed and charged with the crime that it is. Nothing will happen and it will fade from peoples’ memories.

      • I don’t think this one will fade. I’m on a networking rampage with this one. I’ve networked the story to over 100,000 people so far and will now go into the Examiner article and link the PoC article in. One thing I do better than writing is spread the word. I have an army working with me on this one. Everyone is sharing this.

        • Elisa, just from looking at what I could find on the internet so far, I am hopeful that this will not fade. RawStory is a fairly high traffic site. (see other comments below)

          • Thank you Michael. I have networkers for the abuse articles and for the military articles. They reach into the hundreds of thousands because I know just where to post to and know my friends will spread the word.

            I’d be dangerous if I knew what I was doing 🙂

    • Absolutely. Let’s all take the time and energy to advocate on those poor k’s behalf, and the woman who did not expect them to be shot by an Anal Control Worker. sorry, amal controlforce wrker, who wasn’t even on the roster.

  11. He’s paid by the city. A city employee is not authorized by the state to perform euthanasia. Only a vet or vet tech or animal shelter worker can do that. It has to be in a calm environment, not inflict pain and is only legal in Ohio by lethal injection. Therefore, he’s guilty of animal cruelty. There’s also a law in several states that to commit a misdemeanor in front of children will bump the charge up to a felony.

    I just posted this on the Examiner site where I did this story. http://www.examiner.com/article/humane-officer-who-shot-5-kittens-will-not-face-disciplinary-action. The PDF and all the laws are on this article

    • NorthRidgeville, Ohio–part-time employee. For heavens sakes, this is one the most blatant, heinous crimes committed by Animal Control? This will shake the timbers adjoined to the foundation of everything manifested as civil and an action of “human kindness.” I am appalled.

      • Elisa, please repeat the address/phone info again?

        North Ridgeville Police Chief Mike Freeman
        7307 Avon Belden Road
        North Ridgeville, OH 44039
        Phone 440-327-2191
        Fax 440-353-0834
        North Ridgeville Mayon G. David Gillock Phone 440-353-0811

  12. I think both the humane officer and the Chief should be disciplined. This is just wrong on so many levels. This guy is carrying a gun, that’s really scary.

    • If I was in charge: God help the pair of them. This is so typical of police mentality. I am not saying all police are bad with animals. Not at all, but in general are the police suited to dealing with animal welfare matters? No.

      • This is the problem we ran into last year. We had a very good animal control officer, but he was on vacation. So a sheriffs office deputy came out. He didn’t know what to think because we had some problems from the fire but the animals weren’t on deaths door or looking rough. But he’s also the one I feel came very close to pulling a gun on Dreyfuss because he asked to go into the room where the animal control Sgt. had told me to put Dreyfuss when the inspection was done. The officer only changed his outlook on Dreyfuss after learning he was a retired service dog.

        Then I heard about the case of Rosie, whom an officer yelled NICE after shooting a retreating Newfoundland dog. That blew my stack. I will work til my dying breath to defend these animals. If I go to jail for it, I’ll find a way to write from jail.

        Police shooting ranges must be very quiet these days because practice is done on the dogs and cats they shoot.

        • You won’t have to go to jail for doing the right thing–there are those, as you know, who will quietly do what they can within the system to seek justice for those animals. I believe that, because I have been a cog in the wheel of this ignobly-oiled machine, driven by males who think that they have the right to abuse.

          I’m certain that you know more than most of us, though. Any more scenarios that you can describe while on duty? TIA. (I’m making assumptions here, as I cannot bear to read the above article.)

          • Go to http://www.furbyshouse.com and look at the Dogs Shot By Police page. I’m still crossposting all the articles and need to add a few. The Journalism Bibliography 2 page was updated tonight. That site has every article I ever wrote. Why don’t we start with the officer shooting the family dog in the kitch so close to a 3 year old that blood splashed on the child.

            And good people can go to jail. If not for a vet letter I’d have gone for having Sealy.

  13. This seems like a breakdown in law and order. Sick and bad. Could you please clarify what sort of person this officer is?

    Is he a police officer or someone attached to the police force to deal with animal welfare issues? We don’t have this sort of person in the UK.

    Cops killing animals one way and another seems not to be uncommon in the USA. Am I wrong? I hope so.

    This is another example:


    But there are lots more on PoC.


    The police always stick together when someone amongst them does wrong. They seem to be above the law and that also applies very strongly the UK. The UK is gradually becoming a police state. When people protest here the police crush it. It is no different to Turkey or Bahrain. Britain, the cradle of democracy it no longer what is was. Far from it.

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