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Humane Society Kill Cat. Pros and Cons — 10 Comments

  1. ….. even if the owner was an idiot for having the poor cat declawed (unfortunately there are still many people in NOrth America who are ignorant of what is truly involved , and are even talked into it by vets, which is disgusting)
    and their having poor Mistoffelees declawed made the biting much more likely….

    but at least Mr. Brooks was looking and didn’t want his poor cat DEAD.

    In this final wrong done to the cat it is the (In)Humane Society squarely at fault.
    There is no need to just automatically kill even the genuinely feral cats when instead they could be TNRd .

    ( Actually I don’t know for sure Mr. Brooks is the one responsible for having Mistoffelees declawed. We adopted an 11 year old cat who was already declawed and I woudn’t like someone to assume I was the one to make the choice to have his paws mutilated. so I guess I should not assume it either. )

  2. The very fact that the cat was “DECLAWED” meant that it was not a feral cat. I presume that most pet cats would hiss and be uncomfortable with strangers in the absence of their owners.Seems stray and feral cats have no place in most of the Western World, quickly euthanized on the slightest pretext.Sad for the owner of the cat.

  3. Totally spot on comment , Ruth.
    This is a very sad and sickening story. and unfortunately not uncommon that animals are killed at “shelters” when they have an owner looking for them.

  4. ‘the cat appeared to be feral and they put feral cats down’

    That is the stupidest argument I’ve heard in a long time for euthanizing a cat!
    How long have feral cats been declawed?
    Declawed cats outdoors are obviously someone’s escaped or abandoned domestic pet.
    Feral cats are cats born outdoors to feral parents and that Humane Society (HUMANE, that’s a joke!) should surely know the difference!
    No wonder poor Mistoffelees was hissing and biting, with her toe ends and claws amputated she had no other form of defending herself and as for being a danger to every other cat in the facility, what a load of rubbish, are all the cats put in a cage together? Surely not.
    R.I.P Mistoffelees, you were let down by your ‘owner’ and your declawing vet and the humane society too.

  5. Seems like some animal shelters take great delight in killing cats and dogs. They don’t waste a minute to get on with that job. Speed is essential before the owner turns up. Possibly these shelter harbour people with a blood lust which they can satisfy in this way without any risk to themselves. I have seen that at the Animal Shelter in Los Angeles de Heredia, Costa Rica. I have seen the manic look in the eye of the Vet when the decision was made to operate for any reason. That shelter had a reputation for a near 50% death rate from operations and all kittens taken their died from panleucopenia, calici, etc. All they needed to do was clean the whole cat and kitten enclosures with anti-viral preparations like Virkon or a quaternary ammomium disinfectant, but they said that stuff is bad for the cats!! Cats and kittens were usually in good shape when they arrived, at least they were alive, but within a few days they were dead. That went on for years and nobody did anything about it especially the authorities. But finally they ended up blaming each other and tearing each-other apart when the press got wind of it and published details of the mass burial sites which heavy rains had uncovered washing hundreds corpses into a nearby village.

    • My God, what a story. Horrendous. But unsurprising.

      They don’t waste a minute to get on with that job. Speed is essential before the owner turns up

      That quote from you sums it up to me. I am sure there are some people working at shelters who are unsuited to the work. Perhaps there are cat haters working at some shelters.

  6. Michael, thank you for posting this. Poor kittie and owner.
    I am truly embarassed to have been such a long time supporter of HSUS until I was privvy to their REAL practices. They are deceitful, secretive, and nothing like they profess to be.

  7. what ? euthenasia? I can’r see how I have misspleed for the tears. Euthanasia. exploit damn I can’t see. Euphemistic term.

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