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Hurrah: We’ve identified Woodsman!

We have finally caught sight of Woodsman. Here’s a picture of him at his computer. We like to call him Woody cuz his head is full of sawdust. He is doing some intensive research. It won’t help him, though.


My thanks to Ruth aka Kattaddorra for spotting him.

For visitors unfamiliar with Woody, he likes to shoot and kill cats and his reasons are entrenched in the ice age. Find Woodsman.

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Michael Broad

Hi, I'm a 71-year-old retired solicitor (attorney in the US). Before qualifying I worked in many jobs including professional photography. I have a girlfriend, Michelle. I love nature, cats and all animals. I am concerned about their welfare.

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  • I'm willing to bet a professional detective could find this clown for a few hundred bucks.

    • Absolutely right and it is about time he was caught. The thing is he may be several people all using different names and email accounts and IP addresses and so on. A bunch of goons arsing around shooting cats and bragging about it.

      • Someone in my feral cat group has done some sleuthing on this character, and what she found piqued my interest. I've perused a number of his insane rantings and have found out that he uses (and brags about using) an anonymous proxy server, which explains the numerous IP addresses.

        He has also concocted some really strange tales, such as one female (something, but he doesn't say what kind of animal) and her pups came to him for succor after the "hundreds" of cats on his "lands" (rather British term, I think) destroyed all her normal prey, so she and her pups (of whatever species) were starving and somehow "knew" that this crazed lunatic who had been out there firing away at cats for days on end would help her (yeah, animal would know that a gun-toting lunatic would NEVER try to shoot HER.)

        Supposedly, he nursed her and her pups back to health, and now all sorts of animals show up at his place to show him their newborn (whatevers, since he doesn't specify) and to inform their pups that "here is safety away from those horrendous cats."

        He also claims that he has had all sorts of native wildlife (again, not specifying what kinds) lolling about in his yard (at one time there were sixty animals with their young just lazing in the grass) and he even stepped on the paw of one of the "cubs" as he tried to step over the multitude of bodies resting there.

        He also claims that he breeds field mice in his house so that he can release them to replenish the normal fauna.

        I have a strong feeling that this lunatic does not live in the US (often uses non-American terminology) and that he simply gets his jollies by concocting bizarre tales of his prowess with a rifle. He does obviously hate cats, but I'm not sure that his rantings are anything more than the unhinged postings of a raving lunatic who gets off on stirring up trouble.

        I certainly hope that he is just some idiot sitting in a tiny apartment somewhere boasting and bragging about not only killing any cats that dared to step on his "lands" but also spreading fish oil along roadsides to lure cats to his "lands" where he has infrared cameras set up so that he can use his laser-equipped rifle to gun them down as they are lured to the bait by following the fish oil trail.

        If this guy actually does what he claims he does, then he should be locked away from normal society before he crosses the line and starts shooting cat-loving human prey.

        • Well said Gail. At first I thought he was a lunatic American with a rifle shooting hundreds of cats. There are people a bit like that. However, over time, I have also come to believe that he is basically a troll. He just likes to wind people up. So it could all be fiction.

          I have to say that since I published all the IP addresses, email addresses and usernames he used on PoC, he has not come back. I don't know if that is significant. It might imply he was upset and concerned about what I did. That would imply he was scared of being caught, which in turn might imply he was actually shooting cats. I don't know.

          He is certainly unhinged.

          Anyway, thanks for the excellent comment.

          • You have compiled quite the list, Michael. As I said, he has bragged on multiple occasions about using an anonymous proxy server, and I have a feeling that he works in IT, but probably not in the US.

            I happened across one of his posts today (work has been slow, so I get time to browse) and he stated that TNR was a crime (state-wide) in the state in which he lives.

            I don't know of ANY state in the US where TNR would be a crime. Granted, I'm sure that there are some states where TNR is not being practiced, but a crime? Not likely.

            He is just so totally out there. I live in a semi-rural area, and there are feral cats that live in the woods around here (we have approximately 200 acres surrounding us that are wooded and we live close to the watershed of the state reservoir) but we still have plenty of native wildlife that don't seem to be bothered one whit by those supposedly malevolent cats that supposedly eliminated all native wildlife from his "lands."

            In fact, rabbits abound in my pasture area, eagles and hawks cruise overhead, coyotes and fox seem perfectly fine, and we frequently get warnings about not allowing small dogs or cats outside at night because of fisher cat predation.

            Our local shelter often picks up semi-feral kittens and works to tame them. I've adopted several from them, and I've also trapped, neutered and adopted several adult feral cats that eventually learned to trust me.

            I have one cat that insists on going outside (the other 5 are content to stay inside) but he doesn't go far and he is definitely NOT a hunter. He'll sit on the front porch and watch the birds at the bird feeder, but he has never made a move to catch one. He doesn't "do" mice, either, unfortunately.

            I have had several cats in the past that did hunt, but they concentrated almost exclusively on rodents. One female sometimes would bring back live chipmunks as "gifts" (did you ever try to corner, capture and release a very pissed-off chipmunk? Not advisable...they bite and bite hard.)

            The man is definitely a troll and I'm sure that he gets a lot of pleasure out of upsetting people with his braggadocio and delusions of superiority. His arrogance certainly knows no bounds. Odds are, he's a single IT nerd with too much time on his hands and a mean streak as wide as an interstate highway.

          • Hi Gail, thanks for your latest comment on Woody. He does use a long list of usernames and various IP addresses.

            I wonder if someone else has been rather clever in using his username but stated the opposite to what Woodsman would have stated to undermine Woodsman's campaign of hatred.

            I don't know. Just guessing. Either that or it proves he is just a pure troll who likes to wind people up and everything he says is pure fiction.

          • This is something rather odd that I happened upon today (another slow day at work.) Here is a post from Woodsman001 on a site where the author is advocating various methods to kill feral cats.

            In this post, he is taking a totally opposite tack and is claiming that he is not only an advocate for TNR, but that he cares for about 20 ferals on his property.

            Unless this is someone using the Woodsman001 nickname without his knowledge, it looks like our rabid anti-feral nutcase is a true troll who just like to stir things up anywhere, and he will play both sides of the coin if he thinks he can get a reaction.

            August 14, 2013 at 10:49 pm

            Poisoning, shooting or drowing feral cats (or any companion animal – dogs, etc…), or disposing of them by ANY means other than humane euthanasia by a certified vet or technician, is a felony in my state, and a crime in all of the other 49. And I don’t live in some bleeding-heart liberal state, either. Do they prosecute Extreme Animal Cruelty cases here? You bet your hiney. They’ll throw you right in the hoosegow.

            Before you act on this crackpot advice, realize that many feral cat colonies have caretakers who are often present very late at night, very vigilant, and know every cat in the colony. Don’t be surprised if it’s YOU who ends up in a cage if a caretaker catches you shooting cats or putting out poison. I know folks who employ everything from motion-triggered game cameras to infrared webcams to night vision goggles and shotguns to protect the cats they’ve worked so hard to trap, neuter, and care for. They’re very experienced and likely smarter than you.

            I have PERSONALLY trapped a number of feral cat colonies nearly to extinction – by TNR, humane control, so I know it works – I’ve seen it with my own eyes. And for the record, in nearly 8 years of doing this, I have never, not once, been “viciously attacked” by a feral cat. Truly feral cats won’t come within 20 feet of you, and are far more difficult to trap than you might expect – don’t think you’re just going to put a little tuna in a raccoon trap and have any effect on the population at all. I could tell you everything you need to know about how to trap large numbers of cats effectively, but I don’t share my secrets.

            And the reason we caretake these colonies, leave food out and such, is so they don’t need to to hunt. I have about 20 ferals on my property, and once in a great while, I’ll find a dead pigeon. Mostly they just don’t bother.

            I could be anyone, anywhere in the USA. If I catch you shooting, poisoning, or harming cats in my neighborhood, I’ll turn you in as soon as look at you. And if you set a single foot on MY property with any kind of weapon, trap, poison, etc, you’re a gone goose. Castle doctrine, y’know? Potential threat to my life, family or property. And I’m up and around and looking out my windows at pretty odd hours…

            Careful out there, kiddies. Never know who’s watching."

            - See more at:

          • Maybe it has sunk into his single brain cell that every time he makes a comment on PoC he is contributing 5 cents to the welfare of the very creatures he hates.
            I can imagine this really irking him!

          • Really? Oh, that is rich! LOL He is supporting the cats on which he has declared war. With the amount of dreck he posts at every opportunity, the cats must have benefited immensely! Bravo!!

      • Good grief. What good would it do? Would it reduce the population of feral cats (the real problem at hand...right?), no. Would it reduce animal cruelty, no. There are people doing things far more cruel than lethally shooting cats, I'm afraid. Would it teach him a lesson, no. Will he magically see the light and come to the TNR you promote, no. So why bother? Once you stop giving him all this attention, it stops becoming fun. By posting and posting and posting about him, his message inevitably reaches more people. If you want to have an effect, carry on and ignore him.

        • Thanks Jade. I do ignore 90% of what he writes (and delete it) but on occasion I can't resist having some fun. So the reason why I did the page was to have fun. Not a bad reason.

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