I couldn’t leave a stray calico cat behind

By Gabriel

This is the stray that came to us after leaving the gym — photo to follow hopefully – update a day late….see photo below:

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She kept on calling out and rubbing and thus we couldn’t leave her there with good conscience so we took her home as the 4th cat of ours.

At the moment she’s isolated till we get her feeling a little bit more energetic and at peace. Still is feeling a bit tense meeting the other 3 cats but hopefully eventually they’ll tolerate one another.

She reminded us of our first cat who came to our door literally for food which we then decided to take home, except this one seems 3-5 month old, and that’s the story of the calico we now call “Orange.” (update: changed to Cinnamon after discovering she is a tortie).

Hi Gabriel. I like your short story because you saved a cat from a street life. She liked you and you responded with kindness. That was a generous response because you have three cats already. Your cats are generous too as they will have to accept a newcomer.

Your photograph was not uploaded. I’d like you to try again. You can email me the picture if you wish at:


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Thanks for submitting your story.

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