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I couldn’t leave a stray calico cat behind — 13 Comments

  1. A lovely story from someone who is a ‘person who loves cats’ (not a ‘cat lady’) as Michael said the other day!) So wonderful that you have found time in your lives and your hearts from a little soul who was clearly very needing of love and affection.

  2. Woody is active today spreading his poison under yet another name.
    Take no notice Gabriel he’s a cross we have to bear,a bitter lonely person who has nothing in his life but looking for places to comment sarcastically.
    I love your story,your cats do love you and I hope you can get some photos to Micheal,I’ll look forward to seeing them.

    • Yes, correct Rose. Woody is about again. I have blocked him again but I have allowed some of his comments because we must always be aware of this kind of person and alert to their thinking. As ailurophiles we cannot form too cozy a group while ignoring the realities of what is out there. It is a kind of reality check. Woody is actually a bit more polite these days. Although bonkers.

  3. They don’t find “you”, they find the scent of a cat that is marking you as valuable territory for the survival of cats. This is why your cats rub against you. It has absolutely nothing to do with anthropomorphic “affection”, it is ONLY for a survival aspect of an animals’ genetics. Nothing more than that. No matter how much that you wish that your cat “loves you”. It’s just not so. They are genetically finding the means for the best survival of their genes. That’s ALL that you are to cats.

    • I guess it is just like humans. Correct? Everything a human does is about survival so I don’t know why you are criticising cats. We are all animals doing things to survive and finding a partner or friend is part of that process; and a domestic cat needs a human to provide a home, which is entirely normal.

      They are genetically finding the means for the best survival of their genes. That’s ALL that you are to cats.

      I strongly disagree with that. Cats do have emotions and scientifically it is agreed that cats form friendships with other cats and animals including the human animal. Sorry, you are very wrong.

  4. Thank you for all your kind replies, thus far they are all trying to adjust themselves, the 3 boys haven’t been aggressive towards her but she’s hissing and growling though she hasn’t been aggressive either. However,her attitude is indeed improving distance between them is shrinking, sniffing etc while growling taking place. Either way we will find a way for her to fit in. One last note, I said she was a calico before but she’s actually a tortoise apparently, and we have named her “Cinnamon” instead of “Orange” cause of her frisky and sweet attitude.

    Here are my cats other than Cinnamon:

    my cats

    • Tortoiseshell cats have beautiful coats. I have just seen her photo, which I’ll add soon. She looks like a black tortoiseshell or very dark tortie.

    • Your cats are beautiful, especially the black one, but that could be because he looks a little like my cat. You can see the stripes on the black one. Even black solid black cats have them sometimes.

  5. Well done Gabriel – lucky for cats there are people like you! It’s a good thing you are doing – thanks for caring 🙂

  6. That’s usually how it happens for me Gabriel… they find me! I have six cats which I will have to send pictures of to Michael and all are rescues except one lol

    Bless you and your family they will get on after a bit

    Love and Light

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