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I live in Israel. My cats need a home. Please help. — 8 Comments

  1. It’s interesting to have insight from Israel and I can now see what has happened.
    The lady out of the kindness of her heart took in cats used to living outside, where really it sounds as if it would have been better to simply feed them and look out for their health.
    They became used to being in a house and now of course they are bewildered as to why they are back outside and the new person of the house chasing them away.
    I find this very sad for the cats and for that well meaning lady too.
    Some people here have made the same mistake in a way, taking in feral cats who really are far happier living the life they were born to.
    If they are in a dangerous place then it’s far better to relocate them to a safe place than to take them into a house or to a Shelter where they may have no quality of life.

    • Correct Ruth. That is how I see it, too. It is interesting how helping can produce other unforeseen problems. Community cats are pretty content provided people treat them well. The only downside to being a community cat would seem to be a lack of veterinary care. Real expenses click in when you have to pay a vet and who pays for that when it comes to community cats?

  2. It must have been a translation error or transcribing typo originally. The middle-east isn’t going to become a “sea of glass”, all their population is going to drown under a “sea of cats”! Now it all makes sense.

    • “Sea of cats”…not quite. There are a lot of community cats in Israel probably because of the warm weather but the people seem to accept them and live relatively harmoniously with their cats. Seems fine to me. Israel is exceptional for the area in banning declawing. However, I would have thought that the people of adjacent countries don’t even consider declawing their cat. If Israel banned declawing, it would indicate that some people did it.

  3. Israeli here. Every house in the city has something like half a dozen cats living around it. As long as somebody is regularly putting out food and water for them (this is done by neighbourhood residents at their own expense) they should be fine. If you have the means to take care of a group of cats you should make sure they are sterilised, and keep an eye out in case something is ever wrong and they need veterinary care.

    Very occasionally a cat will need or want somebody to take it home, but the overwhelming majority have their own established territory and habits and it is misguided to want to uproot them or pack them off somewhere. NB any type of cruelty to or abuse of animals is illegal in Israel.

    • Really nice to hear from you. It seems that Israelis have a good relationship with what I call “community cats”. This is pleasing. I have been to Israel and saw a lot of cats. I think the lady who is asking for advice had treated them in a way that is more like the way people keep cats in Europe and America. They were no longer community cats. For this reason she was concerned. That is how I read the situation.

      However, I take your point. I look forward to a comment from her. If she was just feeding them on the street etc. then I agree it is better to leave them alone and let someone else take care of them. Although, she did say that someone was abusing them. For that reason, also, it seems that it would be better if they were removed from that immediate area.

      • I agree. I’d even be able to offer a bit of money of that can help get them somewhere safe and looked after. I really hope she can keep them safe from the man throwing rocks at them. This would be heartbreaking to go back and see your cats unable to go in their own home with the new tennant just so typically having to be an animal abusing piece of dirt who should eat the rocks he is throwing as they might soften his heart a bit.

  4. Michael has given you good advice, good luck from me too, I am so very sorry for your situation and I do hope you find someone to help you with those poor cats.

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