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Idea for National Feral Cat Day — 6 Comments

  1. Yes it’s a good idea Michael, I’m all for educating about good cat caretaking and the importance of neutering all pet cats, because until that happens there will be no improvement for feral cats or for the unwanted cats being killed in shelters in the USA.

    • Nice poster image. TNR is very important too. TNR is what I would call a second phase stage – a stage after someone has messed up (failed to care for properly and failed to sterilise). It would be nice in respect of the unwanted cat population if all cats were sterilised. It is a shame but necessary

      Unfortunately in the modern world we have to sterilise cats. Perhaps we should start thinking about sterilising people. This is something we are not allowed to discuss yet it is the world’s most important subject.

  2. Michael while backpacking in Sri Lanka in 2012 had purchased a “T-Shirt” in Colombo with bold titles “Alley cat Allies on the front and “””FERAL CAT TASK FORCE ,www.feralcats.org” on the back.I found the “T-Shirt” attractive and relevant and hence wear the same to date.On reading this article i checked the site and have found out that the site “http://www.alleycats.org/” is for sale !Has this website gone bust, the Feral way ?Feral cats will always be a problem in all parts of the World as long as cats exist as pets and as also irresponsible human cat owners.Its a sad fact that 2 to 3 million feral cats and stray dogs are euthanized every year in the U.S.A.Same could be the case in Europe and other parts of the developed World.

    • You are correct as usual Rudolph. Feral cats will always be a problem anywhere in the world because all people, no matter where they are, can be irresponsible with respect to cat “ownership”.

      “Alleycat.org” is alive and the site I refer to. “Alleycats.org” is busted (or not functioning and for sale) and the site you refer to. Not much difference 😉

  3. It sounds a good idea any chance to educate young people Micheal just as long as the kids don’t go home wanting a special bred cat if they take one along instead of one of the ordinary moggies desperate for a home.
    My kids come home from school and say so and so has a new “whatever” can I have one mum?
    I don’t think many Americans make enough effort on chances to educate so you’d really need to motivate them to share your enthusiasm.

    • Thanks Rose. Just trying to help 😉 Good point about wanting special cats when the least glamorous are as as good and certainly more in need of help.

      I firmly believe there has to be a shift in way things are done. Tinkering at the fringes will not make a lasting change.

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