India’s First Cat Show

Rudolph, PoC’s cat reporter in Mumbai, India has informed me that India had its first cat show on 27th April 2013. This is what Rudolph says:

Yesterday (Saturday 27-4-2013) was an auspicious day for cat lovers in India as India had its first cat show organized in the city of Bangalore. Thanks to your efforts and my blogging to various people that finally a “cat club” affiliated to the “World Cat Federation” based in Germany has been registered in Bangalore. Hope cat shows are organized in other Indian city’s including my home city of Mumbai….Regards, Rudolph.

India first cat show
India’s first cat show. I believe the lady is Sarah Naseem and her cat is Chil bul. I have published the picture under fair use.
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It seems as though the two day show was sponsored by Mars, a giant American company who manufacture Whiskas cat food. The show was called “Whiskas International Cat Show”. Clearly big business can see a way into what will be a massive domestic cat marketplace in years to come.

The show took place at the The Chancery Pavilion, 135, Residency Road, 560 025 Bangalore.

The Indian Cat Federation (is this a new organisation?) organised the show in association with the World Cat Federation based in Germany.

Of course Persians were on show. Persian cats are the predominant purebred cat in India. There were many other breeds too. I’d like to know the types of breeds that were shown.

If PoC had any influence over the creation of an Indian cat fancy, it would be nice. Some time ago I suggested that it would be nice to create the Indian National Cat Club as the first steps in creating a cat fancy. It seems they formed the Indian Cat Federation but perhaps it was there years ago.

The time has now come for all purebred cats in India to be registered so that buyers can be sure their cat is, in fact, purebred. Registering cats ensures that a pedigree is recorded, which in turn ensures that the cat is purebred. However, the Indian cat fancy should always focus on health and character over the appearance registered cats.

I have one question. The International Cat Association (TICA) should be involved. Why aren’t they? TICA is much bigger than the World Cat Federation. Don’t get left behind TICA. India has the potential to have a huge cat fancy.

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  1. Michael, your “Cat Intelligence” in India seem to be better than me! Excellent news on the “Cat Show” held in India which was unavailable in the Indian media. .Now i will give you a bit of “INSIDE INFORMATION” regarding the organization and formation of the “Indian Cat Federation” in Bangalore. Through “P.O.C” you were instrumental in creating a awareness and i progressed as a “Personal Relationship Blogger” connecting and meeting different people in the “Cat World” through “Internet Correspondence”.

    The first prominent person i corresponded with was Vickie Fisher, the President of “T.I.C.A”. Next i corresponded with Shree Nair (Vice-President of Middle East Cat Society) based in Dubai. He is affiliated to the “World Cat federation” of Germany and he told me that he was forming a “Cat Club” in Bangalore the charges being Rs 5000/Year for membership, very exorbitant compared to the Indian cost of living.

    I had also spoken to him on the phone and also to a prominent breeder in Bangalore , a lady whose cattery goes under the name “Pamys Persians” ( We discussed and finally my opinion was that at Rs5000/year membership charges it would be difficult to form the cat club in Mumbai.

    The correspondence ceased after that until i recently read about a “cat show” being held in Bangalore with Mr Shree Nair being the President of the newly formed “Indian Cat Federation”. Strangely, a section of the Cat fraternity in Bangalore have not become members of the newly formed “Indian Cat Federation”, the most prominent being “Pamys Persians”.

    I don’t know the reasons for “Pamys Persians” boycotting the “Indian Cat Federation” and the “Cat Show” since she personally knows Mr Shree Nair and was actively involved in starting the Bangalore club in its infancy. Now I only hope a rival “cat Club” affiliated to either “T.I.C.A” or “W.F.A” is not in the progress of being created as personal ego’s and sponsorship money-power plays a big role in the formation of dog and cat clubs. Hope the “Indian Cat federation” spreads to other city’s and conducts pet shows, most importantly in my home city of Mumbai.

    Check my blog on the correspondence to Vickie.Fisher(T.I.C.A President) as well as Mr Shree.Nair(President Indian Cat Federation):-

    • Fantastic work Rudolph. I found that interesting. You did good work.

      personal ego’s and sponsorship money-power plays a big role in the formation of dog and cat clubs

      This is the biggest obstacle to progress πŸ˜‰ In the cat and dog fancy world egos and internal wars are, it seems, a common feature. I guess it is human nature. However, it would be nice if the cat fancy in India ended up better than the cat fancy in America! It should be the premier cat fancy in Asia one day if people build it for the cats and the public and put their egos aside.


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