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Indoor vs Outdoor Cat Illnesses And Accidents — 6 Comments

  1. I just once again got told I am selfish and wrong for keeping my cats inside just because one of them got run over in June. I still have an excuse – the two are not spayed yet so I cant let them out. But I have to face it that I am going to have to let them out. People say I am selfish and surely its better to live a short happy life than a long boring one. This has always been my argument and it is absolutely true. When you see the joy in your cats behaviour when it goes outside you can’t ignore it. But I loved Red so so much and when he died something died inside me and I was in shock for at least a month, speechless. And even though I know I have to let my catsout its going to be very hard indeed. Lord knows I have several neighbours expecting to see cats again soon and people who will tell me off if I don’t but I am still scared to. I think in the end I have no choice. I wish I could move right away but I just can’t right now and there are roads where I live. This is a huge issue for me with no good answer.

      • Me too. Where I live most people get their cat vaccinated. That creates a pool of health in the area of London that I live in. But cars are increasing in number. The roads are lethal. Although my neighbour lets her cat roam and go over a busy road (shocking really). He has survived because he is smart. But for how long?

    • Keep them in and tell everyone you’re tired of burying your babies. You have plenty of people backing you. Only let a cat out if its not being put in danger. It took me 20 years to learn to keep mine in. If someone else wants to see outdoor cats tell them to get their own. You don’t need a guilt trip when another is killed.

  2. Be sure to read all of the comments on the Accidental Ways To Kill A Cat. There are a lot of dangerous ways in which an indoor cat may be hurt or killed. The readers really came through on that one.

  3. For me the big problem with indoor living (meaning just inside the house with no enclosure etc to the outside) is that it is less natural. Where an animal has to live in a less than natural environment there is a possibility of developing underlying health problems due to stress. It is not something you can point at. But I believe that a lot of ailments in cats originate in stress.

    Everyone should agree though that indoor living is safer. This is becoming more so as the outside world becomes less and less safe for a cat due to more and more traffic and general human activity.

    Dry kibble should be used sparingly I feel. It is good and bad.

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