Inky Faced Maine Coon

This is a beautiful Maine Coon cat with an inky face. It is as if someone spilt some black ink in the middle of her pretty face. This glorious Maine Coon has to be female because she is a calico cat; tortie-and-white. Unfortunately, I don’t know much about her. I think her real name is Nightingale and she is a purebred Maine Coon living in Germany owned by Sabine Loos who may have taken the photo. Nice photo and superb cat.

Inky faced Maine Coon
Inky faced Maine Coon
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  1. You saw her brother Jasper with the bottle cap. Her other brother Sammy is a tabby. All have long hair. Mandy is my sweetest cat. I call her name and she comes right to my lap. I think I’m going to make her a page of her own. I photograph her a lot. Plus the new camera came today. The same model made all of the good photos on my website.


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