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Insecticide for dogs is a top poison for cats — 5 Comments

  1. “FLEA TREATMENT” shampoo for dogs is a poison for CATS and any veterinary chemist would advice on the same. If you do use “Dog Shampoo” then make sure your cat is thoroughly washed with water for removing the shampoo.In case the cat licks the shampoo it could suffer poisoning.I have given my cats a flea bathe with “Dog Shampoo” but was careful to thoroughly remove traces of the shampoo once applied.In Mumbai to date there is no separate “Flea Shampoo” available as for dogs.On a recent visit to my vet i purchased a “Fiprofort Plus” spot on solution meant only for cats flea removal.Its not a shampoo but a small throw-away pipette that has to be squeezed at the base of the neck of your cat’s skin.This is the latest “Anti-Flea” medicine available cor cats in India.No need of giving your cat a bathe, just apply this entire tube on the cats neck.

    • Fiprofort Plus

      This is the same as Frontline in Europe and America. It is interesting that you have your own brand. I have just been to an Indian online pet store and found it interesting. Not much different to Europe.

  2. Also if you have to use flea treatments always buy them from a vet and always check the expiry date before using it. Vets staff are not infallible when stacking drugs (I won’t say they are careless but some may be) and cats have died because of people using out of date flea treatment.
    Better still don’t use chemicals on cats regularly, we comb ours daily and have no flea problems, it worries me that some people use flea treatments monthly without questioning if it’s really necessary!

    • we comb ours daily and have no flea problems

      For me, based on my own experience, what you state is the answer to flea treatment, not chemicals.

      Thanks Ruth for that insight.

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