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Integrating Cats into Treatment for PTSD — 3 Comments

  1. It’s a human failing to take things for granted isn’t it and then when it’s too late, we look back and wish we’d treasured every moment with loved ones, both people and pets.

  2. Yes, Ruth, I think there are millions of people who receive great benefit from their cat but sort of take him or her for granted. We can take our cats for granted a bit. I certainly can. I suppose it is a human weakness.

  3. How awful you were burgled Michael and actually saw the burglar too, no wonder you had PTSD. After a trauma it’s not what IS happening right now that your mind worries about, but what maybe is GOING to happen, what COULD happen, as it’s happened before.
    At our old home after being plagued by bullying anti social neighbours I was always on edge waiting for it to start even when it was quiet.
    The cats we had at the time brought me much comfort and I think some people couldn’t go on at all if they didn’t have their cat/cats around to bring some calm into their lives.

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