Interview with Cat Owner: São Paulo, Brazil

Introduction by Michael

I received an email from a cat owner living in São Paulo, Braizil. These are his answers to the set questions. I have gently amended some of the written language or added a note due to the language barrier.

The Interview

What is your name? Answer: Renato Nunes Filho

Where do you live? Which country and do you live in or out of town? Answer: Capital, São Paulo – Brazil.

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Do you live alone or with family? If yes how many people are in your family? Answer: 4 people, my wife and my children.

How many cats do you live with? What is his name or what are their names? Answer: A cat named Motka.

What sort of cats are they (moggie or purebred?)? Answer: Siberian cat (note from Michael: this is a fairly rare purebred pedigree cat that has a similar or same lineage to the Maine Coon and Norwegian Forest Cat).

What sort of home do you live in? Answer: 3-bedroom apartment.

Does your cat go out and if so how is the situation managed? Answer: No it does not come out, only goes together (note from Michael: I take this to mean that this cat is an indoor apartment cat)

What are the dangers for your cat? Answer: Windows, but all have safety net.

You have access to a vet? If so, how good is it? Answer: Yes, it comes to the health and development. (note from Michael: this indicates that veterinary support is on-hand).

What food do you feed your cat? Answer: ration premium (note from Michael: this probably means good quality commercially available cat food).

Does you cat use a cat litter toilet or go outside to the toilet? What sort of litter is it? Answer: What kind of garbage is? Recipient to use absorbent material for cat. (note from Michael: I presume this means cat litter is available).

Conclusion from Michael

Thank you very much Renato, for taking the time to tell us what life is like for your cat, Motka, in São Paulo – Brazil. São Paulo is the largest city in Brazil and the 7th largest by population size in the world. As far as I remember there is a high level of crime.

7 thoughts on “Interview with Cat Owner: São Paulo, Brazil”

  1. I too loved reading Renato’s interview, it’s good that someone else has entered into the spirit of Michael’s idea and I hope people from more countries will do so too.

    • Thanks Ruth. It is good and it gives us, in Europe and America, a tiny glimpse of what life is like for a cat in a large South American city. It sounds very much what life is like anywhere else, actually, which is good to know.

  2. I enjoyed this interview.

    I hope Renato will see it, and answer a question. Given that this is not a widespread breed, how did you get this cat?

    Also, I’d love to see a picture of Mokta.


    • Yes, I would like to know why Renato cares for what is not a mainstream cat breed really. It is one of the well known breeds but not that popular. How well developed is the cat fancy in Brazil? I’d like to know about that too 😉 How many people keep purebred cats in Brazil. Gosh, I am asking too many questions.


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