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Interviews With The World’s Cat Owners — 13 Comments

  1. hi michael id be happy to do this with photos and the Questions listed. As im sure people would appreciate a different view from new zealand. will have to plan what im gonna put.

  2. Michael, I’ll do one, after I get my house cleaned. I can send videos directly for my iPhone, but they have to be shorter than two minutes. I thought I might do four thirty second videos in different areas, like Monty’s back yard, in his room, maybe the front room where he looks out the window or the back room where he naps in the sun and the basement stairs. He always sits on the landing, like he’s keeping watch. It would equal two minutes if you don’t mind putting it all together. I’ll even remember to have Jeff hold the camera horizontally.

    I thought maybe I could end the video with Monty chasing me up the steps to my sister’s apartment, a place Monty is not allowed in, but he desperately wants to be! He is curious about Kobe, my sister’s cat. Maybe I could get her to do one on her cat Kobe! She’s very good looking and would be able to do a nice interview, but she can be shy. I will try.

    • That sounds really good. Don’t forget to video horizontally 😉 It would be great to see a quintessential American cat loving household in operation! That is what I really after I guess; a feel for what it is like for the domestic cat in various countries. Just getting the feel of his environment and how he lives is the objective. Look forward to it. Thanks by the way.

  3. I love your videos Michael.
    We have no means to make a video, our camera with that facility has had its day and passed away. However I would be willing to put photos of our home and our cats and us and our gardens etc on a poster and make an article of it answering the questions.
    You could eventually have a page for everyone who comes to PoC, who wanted to participate of course, if they sent you pics and their thoughts.

    • I’d like that Ruth as an example of a classic cat loving home in England. I believe you and Babz are a very good example of English cat ownership in the classic mold.

  4. Michael,

    Both of your vids are lovely.

    I think this is a great idea. The challenge I see for getting a set of videos (preferred) is that people not as tech savvy as you are might have trouble figuring out how to make a video of themselves, and might not have the means to do so.

    Maybe you could post an example of an ideal written interview, using yourself as the subject.

    • You are too kind… 😉 When are you going to do one? Ohh..ahhhh..

      I agree it is a big ask. I have this vision of a woman in Senegal who has two cats and a couple of kids and she makes a rough and ready video of her life with her cats. That would appeal to me. It would shed some light into the dark corners of the world where there are cats and people and I want to know about it. It would be good for them to.

  5. Hello Michael.I don’t have to answer your questions since by now you might be having a dossier of my cat articles contributed to “P.O.C” as i have been the only regular contributor from India..An excellent way to get some idea of cat owners from different country’s although it doesn’t represent the majority of the cat owners of that particular Country.You can check this video of mine made a few years ago in which i introduce my cats:-http://youtu.be/j9BsXtWY7Ek

    • Thanks Rudolph. What we probably should do it make a composite video using your material. I’ll see if I get time to do that. It is your contributions that gave me the idea. We need to see people in places like India and Africa, Russia and South America talking about their cats. I want to know what it is like for cats in these places. The world should know. There is too much focus on the USA really.

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