Is Boxiecat Good Value?

Boxiecat™ is the premium cat litter that you can subscribe to for continual, no fuss, delivery. It takes the hassle out of buying cat litter, which is a heavy product. They claim it is high quality; perhaps the highest quality cat litter on the market in the United States. I think it has to be when you compare prices.

The manufacturers appear to have addressed all the usual criticisms and worries about cat litter:

  • Not scented. This means its efficiency in reducing odor is tested. Without scent it has to be good at odor reduction. Also it eliminates one more chemical.
  • Almost totally (99.9%) dust free claimed.
  • Hypoallergenic – not sure about this. Do some cat litters cause allergies in cats? Can someone comment on that.
  • No chemical additives.
  • Made in USA (I presume some cat litters sold in the USA are made outside the USA).

Is it good value, though? At $19.95 per shipment of each 16 lb bag it is considerably more expensive than other litters or at least nearly all other litters.

My research indicates that, inclusive of shipment, the approximate average price per pound of cat litter in the USA is about 65 cents. Boxiecat costs about $1.25 per pound of litter. About twice the price. However, you receive a dollar per bag discount if you buy three bags.

The product is therefore targeted at the top end of American society: the busy rich.

Cat litter is a product that is particularly suited to regular, routine purchase because it is used up at a regular speed provided the customer keeps the same number of cats. That is why the idea of regular deliveries is attractive.

Has anyone tried Boxiecat?

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