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Is It Morally Wrong To Give Your Cat Catnip? — 12 Comments

  1. Of course it’s not morally wrong to give a cat catnip.

    Tootsie goes nutty with the blue banana full of catnip, and if I scatter catnip on her cat tower. What I’ve noticed is that after the “high”, she zonks out. Admittedly I am assuming cause and effect here, based on human behavior I’ve observed.

    I’ve been thinking about giving Tootsie a generous experience with catnip, properly timed before I have to take her to the vet for boarding. Meaning that, timed correctly, Tootsie “zonked out” might be more amenable to the cat carrier.

    I don’t like boarding her (but best solution when I have to travel), and I certainly don’t like grabbing her and stuffing her into the cardboard cat carrier (only method that works, alas).

    Would this be morally wrong? πŸ˜‰

  2. Furby, we think catnip is morally just fine. Anytime, any place, any where the cat fancies. If Jasper finds the nip a little too stimulating, ask your Mum to get him some Root Herb Valerian, it’s groovy, just more relaxing than nip. As an added bonus, to humans it can smell just like our anal glands do. Yummy.

    Gerry & Mungo

  3. In the USA doctors prescribe SSRI’s for depression– Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors. These drugs increase serotonin in the synaptic junction. Eventually, with so much serotonin there your little receptors for serotonin will pull back. Now the drug isn’t as effective, so you need a higher dose. If you suddenly stop taking the drug you have a situation where there is not only suddenly a lot less serotonin in the the synapse, there are less receptors for it. The brain will adjust to this over time, increasing the number of serotonin receptors again. But for some people it’s too late. My opinion is that this is the mechanism by which SSRI’s cause an increase in suicides among teens and young adults who take them. They probably stopped taking them or missed a couple of doses. I read that SSRI’S are not used in Germany.

    So my government says shrooms are illegal because they are unsafe, and to someone with depression and tendencies toward suicide ideation, I would agree. They aren’t safe. For people without low serotonin in their brain, this isn’t a real big deal. They will feel down a bit during the days following use of the drug. However, SSRI’S are dangerous for exactly the same reason and we actually give them to people with low serotonin and suicide ideation.

    The government is completely unable to decide for everyone what drugs are safe and which are harmful, with a few exceptions of course. Cat caretakers don’t have problems determining if cat nip is beneficial to their cats or not. It would certainly be a stupid big drain on resources if the government decided to stick its nose into that too. And nothing would be changed. Cat guardians would continue to research cat nip and observe their cats and decide if it was right for their cat or not. There would just be a black market created for the stuff.

    • You have made a very good point about drugs generally. The thing about catnip is that it is natural and it is used sparingly. There isn’t a big commercial pharmaceutical company pushing it on people who own cats. Prozac was meant to be the wonder drug. Of course. It is about pure public relations and promotion. You cannot create happiness out of a pill. And there is an overemphasis amongst people on being happy. We should accept being unhappy and be pleased when we are happy. The latter depends on the former. We have no right to happiness. It is not written in some wise book.

      Conclusion: catnip is fine. It gives a cat a temporary high and if he was a wild cat, even a tiger, he’d get the same high. It is there in nature where cats should live. We all know that the mega pharmaceutical companies are in some ways monsters that are hurting society (globally), at the expense of financial profit. There is some good but it is not all good. Things should change but they won’t because idiot government always seek economic growth and they are in the hands of big business.

  4. Not only should catnip be legal, similar drugs should be legal for humans also– like weed and “magic” mushrooms. These substances are natural and many, many cultures made use of them in the past. Why does any government feel the need to ban these substances? Why leave alcohol legal but ban other drugs?

    Now I do realize that things like cocaine and crystal meth are just really bad and dangerous. You can see the deleterious effects in people’s bodies after a few years or even a few months. But I know people who have been smoking pot and doing shrooms for decades and they look just fine. They are in better shape than people I know who regularly drink alcohol. (They don’t drink and feel alcohol is more problematic than pot or shrooms.)

    Are there risks to taking these drugs? Yes, but there are risks with prescription medications too. There are risks inherent with a lot of things but we don’t ban skateboard parks, ice skating rinks, travel by bicycle or fireworks shows because of the risks. Driving a car is pretty risky as is piloting a small air or watercraft. We still do these things, but try to be responsible and minimize risk.

    So why doesn’t our government trust is to be responsible and use certain natural substances in a responsible way, minimizing our risks by educating ourselves. Will some misuse these things? Yes. But then why should all of us be punished. It would be like saying Jozef and Walter can’t have the nip because Felix overindulged.

    Smoking is just plain bad in any amount, especially with all the garbage they put in there with the tobacco. But it is legal. It’s all messed up.

    So, yes, cats should be allowed to have their nip and there is nothing morally wrong with it. Cat nip is one of God’s good gifts to His feline children. He gave us some similar good gifts, to be used but not abused. The problem is that some humans look to that substance as if it is god, as they become addicted and it becomes all in all to them. But that is no reason to keep everyone away from those things, especially with information available to allow for an informed choice.

    Even were it legal to do so I wouldn’t take shrooms, because the active ingredient in them acts on the receptors for serotonin in your brain. After these receptors are flooded with the substance from the drug the next day some of them pull back. So after taking shrooms you are likely to feel depressed because until things correct themselves in your brain you will have fewer receptors for serotonin. Hmmmm…. I educated myself and I made an informed choice. Is that so hard? Did the government have to make it for me? Obviously not. Will others make a bad choice despite governmental intervention. Obviously they will. So let’s just hope the government leaves cat nip alone!

      • Hard to tell if you are serious or not, Michael.

        I stopped by a friend’s house in Madison, WI a few years ago and his son said, “My dad’s not here yet. Do you wanna smoke some weed while you wait?” No, I did not want to smoke some weed while I waited. At the time I was teaching in a Catholic school. The kids said I was, “Like a nun, only nicer.” I had to laugh imagining how my students would react to this young man offering me weed, expecting I would have some. It would be like offering to smoke pot with one of the nuns. But my friend’s son didn’t know me very well, and in his father’s home offering weed to a guest is just part of being hospitable. Kind of a different culture in Madison. But one the government should butt out of. Just leave the aging hippies alone. But maybe I am biased, because those aging hippies are the best cat caretakers on the planet and not one of them would ever declaw a cat.

        • With respect to the magic mushroom post, I am not serious. All my best ideas come over time: anywhere, anytime. Sometimes in the shower and sometimes after a bit of wine (not much) and sometimes for no particular reason. I do like larking around a bit πŸ™‚

  5. Hi Furby, now it’s cats like you who get the rest of us into these situations, someone will be wanting a law to ban catnip next.
    Everything in moderation dear boy, just do like us and have a little nibble enough to feel relaxed like uncle Michael says about people and their fine wine.
    In our annals of history book there was a cat called Felix in our family who overdosed on nip and made himself ill, the silly boy.The book says the mammies dug up the plants and couldn’t have any more around until he was no longer with them.
    We are waiting for new plants now, the mammies got them too early and the frost got at them. We aren’t keen on the dried stuff are you?
    There’s nothing like having a nibble outside and rolling about in the grass with the sun shining, ah blissss purrrr purrrr

  6. I agree with Michael – it’s even more similar to eating space cake. Infact catnip looks exactly like weed. I’d hate to go through customs with a bag of nip. I used to think it was morally wrong but now I don’t in part cuz my cats are stuck indoors for the moment so I give them everything I can to keep them occupied and happy.

  7. No, no, no. It is morally acceptable to give a cat catnip. It is just like a person drinking a nice wine. πŸ˜‰ You have got to give them a bit of chill out time. Well, actually, they seem to be pretty chilled out already, far more so than humans. Maybe we can learn from that.

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