Is It Morally Wrong To Give Your Cat Catnip?

Hi everybody! It’s Furby! I know I haven’t written in awhile, but I’ve been in CAT (Catnip Addiction Therapy) and mama wouldn’t let me use the computer because I’m telling on EVERYBODY in the house with this story! Especially mama!

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It all started a week ago when mama brought home some really good nip. Now I’m sure all of you know what happens when a catnip addict like myself has the opportunity to roll around in the good stuff. We kind of go a bit crazy. Which has led mama to wonder whether it’s morally wrong to give your cat catnip?

I don’t know where she found that piece of garbage subject! I’d say a dog critter started that rumor, except our cat-dog Cujo loves it as much as we do. Now she thinks I’m addicted, just because I jump five feet in the air whenever she sneaks up on me and touches my back. I do that even without being under the influence of nip. I’m a very paranoid cat and mama likes to sneakerdoodle me. See my dictionary at

But a lot of people (I hope none of my good friends reading this) consider catnip a drug just like alcohol and marijuana, and therefore it should be illegal to give it to a cat. Well, mama’s always been an enabler (her words-not mine), so why does she want to start with the cats in doing what’s morally right?

She even made the most incriminating pictures of us all last week. We rolled in the nip forever, and then we rolled on the floor because the catnip was so good it made the floor smell like nip. Aahhhh….cat heaven!

I heard mama say that her friend Holly had sent it to us as a treat and that it’s famous where she lives. Holly-if mama won’t get us more of the good nip, can I come and live with you? Just kidding…

Jasper is our only problem where catnip is concerned. He turns into Billy-Bad-A**(oops, language filter on) whenever he smells the stuff. Oh he acted sweet in the beginning, then wanted to play “stalk the kitty” once it ran out. Mama even did a story on that.

Which is another reason some people think it may be wrong morally to offer catnip to their cats. Conduct while on the nip and then withdrawal! If its not an illicit drug, then why do we suffer so painfully when we run out and can’t go to the store and buy more? That reminds me-mama-when are you going to take me to PetSmart so I can pick out some nip? Trust me, my nose will tell me which kind we need.

I know this is why I ended up in Catnip Addiction Therapy. Morally wrong or not, I want my catnip? Would all of you please tell mama it’s okay to provide as much catnip as felinely possible? How do you all feel about catnip? All the Facebook cats out there need to stick their paws in this one and give their opinion too. I seriously need help here…

Furby the Feral Feline

12 thoughts on “Is It Morally Wrong To Give Your Cat Catnip?”

  1. Of course it’s not morally wrong to give a cat catnip.

    Tootsie goes nutty with the blue banana full of catnip, and if I scatter catnip on her cat tower. What I’ve noticed is that after the “high”, she zonks out. Admittedly I am assuming cause and effect here, based on human behavior I’ve observed.

    I’ve been thinking about giving Tootsie a generous experience with catnip, properly timed before I have to take her to the vet for boarding. Meaning that, timed correctly, Tootsie “zonked out” might be more amenable to the cat carrier.

    I don’t like boarding her (but best solution when I have to travel), and I certainly don’t like grabbing her and stuffing her into the cardboard cat carrier (only method that works, alas).

    Would this be morally wrong? 😉


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