Is my Bamboo an Egyptian Mau?

A visitor, Ludi Ye, asks the question: I have this one of the most popular questions: is this a mau?

I adopted Bamboo for about half a year, she was abandoned twice. I know it might be hard to tell from the picture, but I want to give it a try because I see some mau characteristics in her. She is spotted, the background color in the belly is a lot lighter, thus the spots are more obvious. She has beautiful green eyes and eye liners and the two broken necklace. One thing i wasn’t sure was the flap maus have.

Whether she is a mau or a tabby, I love her regardless. I just have been very curious.

Ludi Ye

Egytpian Mau or Bengal Cat?
Egytpian Mau or Bengal Cat? Photos copyright Helmi Flick except for Bamboo.
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Thanks for asking Ludi Ye. This is indeed a well asked question. This may be because the Egyptian Mau is said to come from the African wildcat. And the domesticated African wildcat is the beginning of all domestic cats. So many cats look a bit like the Egyptian Mau.

I know that you realise that you can’t name a cat breed from a picture. The cat has to be registered with a cat association in the West. However, you can find rescued purebred, pedigree cats sometimes and people do abandon purebred cats.

I believe that Bamboo is more likely to be purebred Bengal cat or a Bengal mix. I have seen purebred Bengal cats that look like Bamboo. I think her facial features and more stocky (cobby) body shape hint at a Bengal cat because Egyptian Maus are more slender (foreign in cat fancy language). Also the Bengal cat has a slightly more intense, serious and wild expression I feel, while the Mau has a more curious look that is pure domestic cat. The Egyptian is wholly domestic while the Bengal, even F5s have some wild cat (leopard cat) in them.

The pictures I have included on the page support my assessment but…and this is a big but, I am just guesstimating based on appearance. Thanks for asking.

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9 thoughts on “Is my Bamboo an Egyptian Mau?”

  1. Our cat was abandoned and we rescued him. It wasn’t until his sun-bleached fur grew back that we discovered he was spotted on tummy and back, had stripes on extremities like your Bamboo, sported about six necklaces and a funny stomach “flap” that hung down from his abdomen. (What IS that hanging down there???) Our vet says he is a Tabby/Mau mix which makes sense as there are very few Bengals running about loose to create mixed felines with but plenty of tabbies everywhere with similar characteristics to Maus (except for skin flap). Our cat has the Mau personality to a tee and is rather like a dog in his ways. Your Bamboo kitty looks very much like ours except that ours has bronze and ginger markings on a white background. All other attributes seem really close including the gooseberry green eyes and facial markings. So I have to go with a Mau/Tabby mix for Bamboo and then say Congratulations as this is the best of all mixed-cats we ever rescued — I hope you are blessed with the same!

  2. Lets see. ADHD, likes to drink running water, hates closed doors, well go for walks without a leash, sassy,hates to be held,growly snarly hiss @ you cause your teasing her,playplayplay,knock things off counters, follow you and fetch like a dog,protect her turf(mine attacked a guys white pitbull and drew blood off its lip)car rides?, crazy, spins like a top and hisses when trying to trim nails,etcetc. Welcome to my world! ๐Ÿ™‚ and mine was a stray i have had her for 5 years now. takes special people, you must be alpha!

  3. Hah! Thanks again Michael! I never consider she being Bengal coz I thought Bengals have strips instead of spotted coat. But now that you pointed out, the Maus do have a smaller faces (to me) and a more innocent and curious look.

    1. Hi Ludi, Bengals have tabby coats, which can be mackerel (stripe), classic (blotched) and spots. Bamboo has spots. Mau’s have tabby coats too. It is just about body and head shape, color and for me she has a Bengal cat shape. I think you would agree the she has a Bengal cat head. There is that intense, slightly wild look.

  4. Bamboo is really special looking. If she was a tabby she would be about the most special looking tabby. She really does look like a Bengal. She’s beautiful ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Good call. Offhand, the head and eye shapes are the key difference. I’d guess it was a mix, as well. Very lovely cat. One thing we can all be sure of; those are four amazing looking cats.

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