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It’s a Cat’s Life — 4 Comments

  1. Unbelievable true cat story which also shows the importance of “Micro-chipping” your cat.”Nugget” used her 9 cat lives, a fascinating story though i presume certain sections of the cat getting lost and the reasons are presumed.

  2. So the lady realized it was another cat that scared Nugget off? She must have concluded it I guess.

    Poor little Nugget – I can’t imagine the cold winters by the sea. Just awful really. Thank god she is ok. If Iost my cat I would have to search and search everywhere, all around – day after day – until I eventually found that place probably within 10 miles – where my cat was………. Poor Nugget though to be that badly scared off.

  3. Poor Nugget to be hounded out of her own home and have to live rough for so long, I’m so glad that she eventually was reunited with Debra after that kind woman made it her business to involve CP, how sad that they missed out of 4 years together. Microchips are a blessing really, although it’s a bit distressing to stand and watch your precious feline have one inserted it is worth the few seconds of discomfort for if ever this sort of thing happened, the ones Walter and Jozef have also include a thermometer so if they need their temperatures taken it can be done with a zapper rather than by the dreaded poker up the bum method

  4. A story with a happy ending thanks to that lady who took Nugget to a Cats Protection branch.
    It’s the very first thing CP advises anyone finding a cat or feeding one they think is a stray, to have a microchip check.
    Debra Wood must have been ecstatic to have her cat back home 🙂

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