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It’s a Risky Business — 2 Comments

  1. It is this idea that we must eliminate all risk in life that makes people want to keep cats indoors 24/7. Keeping cats indoors only leads to people thinking declawing is ok because the cat will not need his claws for defense. (This is a load of BS.) So to keep cats “safe” they are actually hurt in the end. We are doing similar harm to our children. When I was a child playgrounds were fun and kind of scary– high monkey bars to climb, steep slides to fly down from dizzying heights. At least once a school year somebody broke an arm at Bowman Park, where we played at recess. The “big red slide” at Webb Park in Reedsburg had the reputation of causing a few broken arms. It was so fast and scary I could seldom get up the nerve to slide down it. But when I did conquer my fear, I felt great. I have memories of playgrounds that challenged my body and my mind. Today all have been replaced by tot lots consisting of low equipment made for tiny children, with nothing for Tweens and teens anymore. So our children get fatter and softer. Helicopter parents hover and children often fail to leave the nest at all– afraid of the world outside. Thirty year olds still live at home with mom and dad where it’s safe. Our children play indoors safe from broken arms and sunburned skin. And we’re now the most obese nation on earth, much less physically or emotionally healthy than we were two decades ago.

  2. Good for Kyle, he showed all those rescue services up good and proper.
    What a world when people paid to do risky jobs won’t take a risk on behalf of an innocent stranded animal. To stand by and leave the kitten to starve was criminal!

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