IvyClan’s Destiny – Chapter 11

Warrior Cats story by DappleStar

Intro: this is the most recent chapter in a story written by Annie (Warrior Cats name: Dapplestar). See links to the earlier chapters by going to Warrior Cats and scrolling down – thanks.

Dapplepaw made her way back to camp, but stopped abruptly at the Entrance. Scourge was waiting for her. He looked calm, but the way his shoulders tensed at the sight of her made her wonder. “I’m back…” she announced quietly, trying to give a purr. Scourge looked to her wearily. “Hey…” he said.

She didn’t know what was bothering Scourge, but she decided it was the best time to leave to find Pantherpaw. “I’m going to go… pad around. Exploring, if you must.” she said. Scourge nodded, but didn’t look directly at her. “Is everything alright?” Dapplepaw asked after a few moment’s hesitation. Scourge didn’t answer, but continued to stare at the ground, taking a sudden interest in a few ants as they passed.

Dapplepaw took this as her cue to leave. She raced across the forest, dodging trees and large rocks, the smell of the Two-Legs getting stronger and fowler as she ran. She felt a guilty pang deep inside her as she thought of the depressed looking Scourge. She should be there comforting him. I’ve gone this far… it would be foolish to turn back. She thought. Just then did she realize she hadn’t heard from Flamepaw in a while.

How’s it going up there, Flamepaw? Dapplepaw asked, humor dripping from her “voice”. There wasn’t an immediate response; Dapplepaw wasn’t surprised. Come on, Flamepaw. I need a little advice here. Where are you?

Dapplepaw began to slow her pace as she arrived at the entrance of a darker forest, the one she and Scourge and had gone through just the other day. “Okay… you’re alright, Dapplepaw. Get a grip. It’s not that dark!” she tried to convince herself. For some reason, it looked scarier than it had when she was with her mentor.

“Don’t worry about a thing, Dapplepaw. StarClan is with you. Even if some of us don’t agree with what you’re doing.” She heard a voice in her head. But for some reason, it didn’t at all sound familiar. It certainly wasn’t Flamepaw’s voice. “Even if some of us don’t agree with what you’re doing…” Dapplepaw echoed the words of the cat in her head. Did that mean StarClan didn’t approve of Dapplepaw’s whole plan? Were they upset with her?

“What are you doing here, Outsider?” A voice snarled from behind her, and Dapplepaw spun around to find the owner, her heart beating inside her chest so loudly she was sure the mystery cat could hear it. “I…I am here to see a friend.” Dapplepaw stammered, trying to hide the fear in her voice. “You are no friend of ours,” the voice snarled. “You are not welcome here, Outsider.” “I am here to see Pantherpaw.” Dapplepaw finally admitted, flicking her tail. The voice cackled with laughter, sending shivers down Dapplepaw’s spine; it was cold and scratchy, much like a claw against rock.

“Pantherpaw has no friends. As far as we know, he isn’t even alive.” A skinny she-cat stepped out from the bushes, her eyes bright and cruel. Dapplepaw flicked her ears in annoyance. “I’ve just spoken to him. I know he lives.” She snarled, unsheathing her claws and digging them into the dirt covered ground. “Have you now…?” The she hisses cruelly, circling around Dapplepaw. “You don’t happen to be a Warrior of BloodClan, do you?” She spoke about BloodClan with such distaste it was clear they hadn’t had such good history.

Dapplepaw dipped her head in false respect. “I am Dapplepaw, an apprentice of BloodClan… I’ve come in search for an apprentice of your own clan.” She mumbles, flicking her tail in annoyance. The she cat erupted in shrill laughter. “Clan?!” She spat. “We are no clan!” She lunged at Dapplepaw, claws unsheathed, but Dapplepaw was quick to dodge her sly attack. “I do not wish to fight…” Dapplepaw snarls. “Is the kit afraid of being torn to shreds and used as Crow Food?” the she cat snarled in reply, chuckling.

“Of course I am not scared… that is not even a plausible effect on me.” Dapplepaw hisses. “I only wish to bring peace. I do not want to hurt you.” Suddenly, another cat launces himself at the she cat, knocking her on her side. “DAPPLEPAW RUN!” The cat yowled. She recognized the voice, it belonged to Scourge. Dapplepaw began to run, tripping clumsily over her own paws. Her heart hammered against her chest. She was sure Scourge was furious with her for sneaking off, and especially almost starting war with other cats.

She raced out of the shaded forest and through the clearing, finally making her way back into BloodClan territory. She hadn’t seen Scourge at all. Was he following her? Did he need help? She doubted he was hurt, for the she cat was weak and frail looking. There was no way she could have hurt a mighty warrior like Scourge himself. She tumbled into BloodClan camp to find cats staring at her with furious eyes.

“Who do you think you are?” A voice snarled. “You had Scourge worried sick! I don’t understand how or why he puts up with you!” Dapplepaw didn’t bother to look for the source of the cruel voice. She hung her head low, padding into the small den she could call her own. They don’t understand… Dapplepaw thought to herself. There’s something about that Tom… I need to find him. She rested her head on her paws, sighing softly. She closed her eyes and tried to sleep away the anxiousness in her chest.

“The time will come, Dapplepaw, when you’ll understand everything that has been and will be. You will know what to do.” There was that voice again, it awoken her from her sleep. It wasn’t Flamepaw’s… who did it belong to? She sighed and flicked her ears. This was all harder than she thought it would be. She never imagined her life this way. She didn’t think coming to BloodClan would all result in this. What was she going to do? She couldn’t continue this way. Maybe… what I need… is to visit my father again. He’s the only cat I trust enough to tell me the truth. He’ll know what to do.

The only problem was either explaining it to Scourge or sneaking out again. Either way, it was going to be hard.

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    • It is a warrior cat role player trying her hand at writing a WC story. It happens a lot and promotes the books. There are countless websites where they also adopt WC roles etc. It might be a breach of copyright but the authors accept it as it helps generate sales. Call it fair use.


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