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Japanese Attitudes Towards Cats and Dogs — 8 Comments

  1. The Japanese don’t sound very devoted to their pets to me either!
    What a poor excuse saying it would traumatise a person to kill individual animals, surely it traumatises true animal lovers more to see them being gassed and dying in fear and distress!

    • The excuse for not killing companions by injection is so selfish as to be extremely surprising (actually unsurprising in truth). It is a typical human-centric argument. The human is traumatised but the animal is dead yet there is more concern for the human’s sensibilities. Bizarre but so typically human.

      • The Japanese only like young and childlike things in this sense. I’ve heard it said many times. Once old the animal becomes worthless to them. It’s built in to their culture or something. Very sad indeed. What they do to whales and dolphins in the name of culture is disgusting. Well, all countries do things but since we are on Japan it’s why I said that.

    • I would like to think that true catlovers/animallovers in Japan would love to dispute these figures. I don’t know, Ruth. It makes all very sad, doesn’t it?
      [THAT was NOT rhetorical.] Sigh.

      My experience with those males, females in the USA, is that we worship our animals, especially our beloved DSH. How do you feel? Logically and truly intuitively?

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