Jump Baby Jump!

This is a dramatic video picked out by DW.  It shows a classic cat jump from a high point. The cat was forced to make a life saving leap, encouraged by people on the ground. The fire, incidentally, was believed to have been caused by fireworks (4th July celebrations perhaps?).

The big question for me and some others is, was the cat injured? Cats are more likely to be injured jumping or falling from this sort of height than they are from much higher levels because they don’t have to chance to activate that flying squirrel-like gliding position when slows their decent.

Here are two still frames from the video:

cat jumps from burning building

Tabby and white apartment cat forced to jump from about 20 feet up from balcony white fire rages inside apartment.

cat jumping from burnging building to save his life

The jump. Did he/she avoid injury?

I had thought that the people below who were encouraging the cat to jump had some sort of outstretched blanket or something to catch her but we can’t see.

Cats are great fallers if that is the right phrase. You can read why on this page: Cat Falling.

Thanks to DW for finding the video for me. Just noticed: DW says it all worked out for the cat.

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  1. PHEW I’m glad the cat was OK! The cheers sounded very positive and happy so I’d think the people were waiting with a safety net to catch him.

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