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Jungle Cat Range

The map below sets out the jungle cat range based on the IUCN Red List map. It has been prepared carefully. The intention (dreaming?) is for other people to gradually refine it over the years to come to improve our awareness and knowledge of this once common but now less common and frankly persecuted cat that is very similar to our well known domestic cat in size and general character except of course it is a wild cat.

You may not have heard of Google My Maps, which is the software that I used to prepare the map. If you think that you can improve the map and would like to have a go but are unsure about doing it, have a look at this video:

Now for the map. This is an embedded version of the original. It is the original that you will need to amend and adjust. Once refined the adjustments will show up on this map. You can move the map around by left clicking with your mouse or tracker pad, holding the click down and then moving the mouse or your finger over the tracker pad. OK, the original is here: Jungle Cat Range Map 2009 – this opens in a new window.

Now for the jungle cat range is words:

This is a wide range but an every diminishing range. From the west, it extends from Egypt, to Israel, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Turkey (very fragmented), Iraq, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Iran, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, Armenia, Russia, Pakistan, Nepal, Burma (Myanmar), Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, China, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Thailand, Laos,

A fantastic range but the map above compared to the map prepared by the Sunquists in Wild Cats Of The World is far more fragmented. This may be in part due to better knowledge gleaned over the intervening 7 years since the earlier map was prepared and/or it may be due to loss of habitat and persecution by people for skins in defiance of prohibitions and relation by farmers who might consider this wild cat a pest.

I would love to see a contribution from a concerned scientist in China! The land where the cat is used and abused. Go on surprise me…

If you zoom in on the map and select “hybrid” or go to the original Google map and select “terrain” you can see that the range follows rivers and the surrounding areas. This cat could have been called the reed or swamp cat as it likes areas of water where there is appropriate prey such as frogs, rats and mice. It also hunts:

  • birds – it will catch these by jumping in the air vertically to catch them from the air. For ground prey it will adopt a similar technique to the serval, a high pounce onto the prey to stun it.
  • ducks
  • partridge
  • jungle fowl
  • water fowl (Russia)
  • coots
  • snakes

They are flexible and opportunistic in their selection of prey and their adaptability extends to habitat (it needs to!).

In addition to wetland habitat the jungle cat range includes:

  • dense jungle
  • tall grass
  • thick brush
  • reed beds
  • river swamps

As a result, it is usually found near sea level, below 1,000 metres but its adaptability has allowed it to be found at 2,400 metres above sea level. Although their thin coats are not designed for protection against the cold of higher climates. In higher habitats they prefer the river valleys. But they have been seen in “sandhill desert” and in cultivated areas near human settlements including on irrigated farmland.

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