KOPA and Dana Zauf of Chalk Mountain Bengals

I filmed the video at a cat show in Oklahoma about 4 years ago. I forget the exact date. Dana is carrying her champion, brown spotted Bengal cat, whose short name is KOPA while talking about him. His long name is “Bengal Manor Royal Kopa of Chalkmountain“. Cat breeders do create some amazing names. Kopa was about 10 months old at the time of the filming.

I quite like to see a cat breeder of a champion cat briefly talk about her cat. It is something you don’t often see. I am not sure why I didn’t publish the video four years ago! I think it was because I had made so many at the time that I had had enough.

You can see the vastness of the facility for the cat show and hear the noise. The place was noisy because it is large and the surfaces are hard. The sound bounces off the surfaces and echos. The noise is probably something that the breeders would like to see quietened down a little because it can’t be that good for the cats.

I remember it was a very windy day. There was a mast outside and it was making a knocking noise throughout. Oklahoma state is known as a windy place. Oklahoma City is the second windiest city in the United States.

This is a link to Dana’s website. You’ll see Kopa on the home page in another video of mine. This time he is being photographed by the Flicks. Kopa is a fine, bold Bengal cat. Or see the video in large format on PoC, here.

Note: the video cover picture is copyright Helmi Flick.

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10 thoughts on “KOPA and Dana Zauf of Chalk Mountain Bengals”

  1. Great video Michael. I don’t have much time to comment today.

    I’m leaving my cats for 3 days – til Friday – leaving in an hour – it’s awful and I hate doing this. I hope I will have some PoC time while I am away – probably I will in the evenings 🙂

      • South of France – I was born in Nice. I don’t want to go and it won’t be fun. Everybody seems to think its so great down there but its awful. Its got nice weather. Nothing more. I hope I see some cats where I am staying. There are a couple who wander in the garden but my half brother scares them off because he like birds and has bird feeders out. He doesn’t mind cats otherwise.

        I might be picking up a painting of some lions which my grandmother made and I was going to offer it to you 🙂 – more on that if and when.

        I am used to going to bed before 9 but down there we start dinner at 930 – its such a pain but I will have a it of PoC time before and after dinner so hopefully Charlie will tolerate the schedule 🙂

        • If you see some cats please take some photos of “Nice Cats”. Quite a nice title that because it can be pronounced 2 ways, both of which are good. Are French cats like French people? My experience of French people are Parisians. There are not supposed to be typical. Harder and less friendly.


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