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KOPA and Dana Zauf of Chalk Mountain Bengals — 10 Comments

  1. Great video Michael. I don’t have much time to comment today.

    I’m leaving my cats for 3 days – til Friday – leaving in an hour – it’s awful and I hate doing this. I hope I will have some PoC time while I am away – probably I will in the evenings 🙂

      • South of France – I was born in Nice. I don’t want to go and it won’t be fun. Everybody seems to think its so great down there but its awful. Its got nice weather. Nothing more. I hope I see some cats where I am staying. There are a couple who wander in the garden but my half brother scares them off because he like birds and has bird feeders out. He doesn’t mind cats otherwise.

        I might be picking up a painting of some lions which my grandmother made and I was going to offer it to you 🙂 – more on that if and when.

        I am used to going to bed before 9 but down there we start dinner at 930 – its such a pain but I will have a it of PoC time before and after dinner so hopefully Charlie will tolerate the schedule 🙂

        • If you see some cats please take some photos of “Nice Cats”. Quite a nice title that because it can be pronounced 2 ways, both of which are good. Are French cats like French people? My experience of French people are Parisians. There are not supposed to be typical. Harder and less friendly.

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