Kathrin Stucki A1 Savannahs Photos

Kathrin Stucki A1 Savannahs Photos. These are some photographs that Kathrin sent me, taken by her, I hasten to add. I could not resist publishing them here. I think they are extremely good and for me the large format one at the top is the best but that is subjective. The others are thumbnails so just click on the image to see it in large format. The pictures are the copyright of Kathrin Stucki. She has given me permission to publish them. She is very generous and if you would like to use them please ask her by contacting her on this page (new window).


kathrin-stucki-photos-f2-savannah-cat-1 kathrin-stucki-photos-f2-savannah-cat-2
kathrin-stucki-photos-f2-savannah-cat-3 kathrin-stucki-photos-f2-savannah-cat-4
kathrin-stucki-photos-f2-savannah-cat-5 kathrin-stucki-photos-f2-savannah-cat-6
kathrin-stucki-photos-f2-savannah-cat-7 kathrin-stucki-photos-savannah-cat-and-daughter-1
kathrin-stucki-photos-savannah-cat-and-daughter-2 kathrin-stucki-photos-savannah-cat-and-daughter-3
kathrin-stucki-photos-savannah-cat-and-daughter-4 kathrin-stucki-photos-savannah-cat-and-daughter-5
kathrin-stucki-photos-savannah-cat-and-son-3 kathrin-stucki-photos-savannah-cat-and-son

Kathrin Stucki is a very good amateur photographer as well as a Savannah cat breeder in partnership with her husband Martin under the well known cattery A1 Savannahs, the home of the Savannah cat breed.

The children are the Stucki’s son and daughter. The cat is an F2 Savannah and he looks awesome. He has been sold, apparently and unsurprisingly.

When and if Kathrin sends me some more I’ll add them here or on another page. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

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