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  1. This is Mr Jinks (so named by my hubby) he comes every day food morning and evening. He’s a lovely cat but I do think he’s a stray. Trying to get him to the vets to see if he’s chipped is a nightmare as he’s never around when I’m free to take him. I hope I can find his owners or a nice home for the winter. Takers anyone?

  2. Nearly forgot about Tinkerbelle who lives with her dad Tommy, an old friend of mine and a cat lover and Kays Hill supporter, sadly it’s not a very good pic

  3. Such a lot of beautiful black and white cats. I don’t know why people who don’t love them say every cat is just like another, to me they are each and every one individual, the same as people are, no two the same (unless identical twins of course lol)

    • we find over and over again that these beautiful b/w cats are overlooked for ‘prettier’ cats. well, i think if anyone thinks like that they need to get a look on here at some of these beauties

  4. And little Roxy who we never thought would be rehomed but Kays Hill worked a miracle again and off she went to a new life

  5. Here is Temuri who used to live next door to us just after we moved here, he was a few months older than Walter and Jozef and taught them all he knew, we loved him as though he was one of ours and he used to spend hours in here, his people emigrated and he was given to one of their mothers for all we would have loved to keep him, sadly he was knocked down and killed at his new home about the same time as our Popsy died. He was lovely, so laid back, always purring and playing, he loved to shred kitchen rolls.

  6. Here’s another photo and this one is Little Ruthie, the black and white kitten that our Kattaddorra aka Ruth went down a well to rescue some years ago when we were helping Marion CP to catch feral cats and kittens for TNR (Ruth wrote about it here

    Ruthie did get a home thanks to CP and so we can assume she has had a happy life

  7. Here’s a big boy who used to come and visit us, at first we thought he was a stray and he almost fell into the hoarder’s trap but we found out where he lived and then after a while his owner moved house, funnily enough while leafleting for the last election we came across him at his new address on our travels in the town and he seemed to remember us, we never knew his real name but as he was so big he was known to us as “Giant Haystacks” after the wrestler.

  8. And this is Binnie who died of old age about 2 years ago. She was about 18 when this photo was taken. You can see she is a little frail in the photo. He coat glistens because I had just dried it out after she had got it wet.

    • Missie and Binnie were so beautiful too, I don’t know how we can bear it when we lose our much loved cats.

      • Black and whites are beautiful. It is a shame that they are less popular than some other coat types. That is probably because they are quite a common coat. Here is a black and white moggie show cat. I have forgotten her name. Beautiful cat photographed by Helmi Flick in America. Photo is copyright Helmi Flick.

      • Yes, she was quite and gentle. Unassuming and undemanding. The one time she asked for something with force was when she wanted me to rescue her from the street. I obliged.

    • When I see all these lovely pics of much loved cats I keep looking for the “like” button to press like we do on Facebook! This one of Binnie is lovely, I bet she was looking at a bird, she just has that look about her.

    • Michael she doesn’t look 18 she has such a sweet little face. She looks as though her nose is a little turned up which just adds to her prettiness. Did you have her from kittenhood?

    • It’s very sad to look at this picture Michael. It’s hard to imagine what their lives would have been like if they were longer – not cut short. I wonder if Red would have fallen in love with Molly and Gigi or which of them would have loved him and what fun they would have had together. It’s hard to lose a best friend, especially if it is a cat because there is no synicism or negativity that comes with it – one can only assume one missed out on many wonderful love filled years together – it’s quite simple, more so than with humans.

      • Yes, it is sad. She was more important to me than I knew. I said in a comment quite a long time ago that when Missie was killed a part of me died with her, quite a big part. I still believe that to be true, whether it sounds crazy or not.

        • It doesn’t sound crazy to me, it sounds as if you really loved her and you’ve never really come to terms with losing her and how could you, when she was killed!
          Like Marc’s Red, her loss is there to haunt you the same as his loss haunts Marc.

    • Beautiful, you just want to pick her up and hug her. I don’t think you ever get over their loss, why would you when they are family.

    • She is very pretty, Michael there is no doubt she’s female, beautiful big eyes as well its no surprise you miss her still. She looks like she has a beautiful sweet purrsonality as well you must have loved her with all your heart 🙁

  9. Here is our beautiful Bert to start us off, he lived with us 1974 – 1990, he only caught one mouse in his entire life, sat on it a while, then let it go.

    • Aw Bert has a little white spot on his face. It’s nice to have kept a photo isn’t it. I am so glad I got photos of my Gigi in Canada even before digital cameras were everywhere. I am sad I don’t have any of her as a kitten though.

      Here”s my only black and white cat. By the way her mum recently had a miscarriage of 4 tiny undeveloped ones. I talked the lady into getting her spayed – she accepted that Teesha could have died from this and next time she might. I said she must mmust spay her – and i promised her Teesha would still be happy and I even offered to do the whole thing myself.

      The main thing is she agreed about the spaying. I will gently prod her about it in due course and make sure it gets done. This is amazing and means Teesha has a chance to live a long happy life, no longer a skeleton having babies 2 times a year. It is lucky she didn’t die, that she miscarried and they didn’t stay inside her. She is doing fine. Thank god. I’d be so sad if my Gigi’s mam died. Here’s Gigi (I have many pics of her – she always looks at the camera, she is the only real talker and she is the most human of all my cats I ever had):

      • Gigi is beautiful! Just look at those gorgeous eyes, she has more soul in them than some humans!
        I’m glad you talked that lady into having Teesha spayed, yes she could have died and is certainly at risk if she gets pregnant again.
        We only had a basic old camera in Bert’s day, photos are so much better nowadays.
        This one he needed grooming.

        • He had a very shaggy coat like a Maine Coon coat. Uneven. He had white fur “ear furnishing” to use a weird cat fancy term (ear hair). Handsome. He also had tufts of hair between the toes. This too is also like a Maine Coon. He was the forerunner of a Maine Coon cat 😉

        • Ruth – the lady just said she thinks Teesha might still be pregnant. Like maybe there is still one in there. She says Teesha is acting just fine just maybe pregnant. She says as soon as she gives birth she will get her spayed.

          Any thoughts? I’m scared. Sorry to go on a tangent.

          • It’s hard to know Marc, a vet might be able to tell if Teesha is still pregnant, did she not see one when she miscarried?
            Best just to keep a good eye on her because it would be unusual for one kitten to survive from a miscarriage and be born normally.
            Cats can be spayed in the early stages of pregnancy but later on it gets more risky.
            If there’s any sign of Teesha going off her food or seeming listless or hiding away she needs to be seen quickly by a vet.

      • She looks what I call “rangy” meaning “foreign” or “oriental” in cat fancy language. Female face. You can tell the difference can’t you? And a beautiful face too. Striking. Quite large ears. She has traits of an Oriental Shorthair.

      • ….another gratuitous Gigi shot with me in it. Being the only one who can operate a camera this is the only way I can get pics of me with my cat(s):

    • My Binnie joins the “One Mouse Club”. She caught one mouse her entire life. She killed it and looked at it. That was it. The sum total of a lifetime of “hunting” or non-hunting. She looks rotund in this photo. She did tend to be overweight. I had a constant battle to diet her.

      • Bless her Binnie was gorgeous, an ideal cuddly cat, I love her pretty little face all black with a white chin. I don’t know how we bear it when they go.

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