Kays Hill Tabby Cats Past And Present

Leanne has sent me the photos of these gorgeous tabby cats and has included her own cat Lenny.

Tabby cats of Kays Hill Animal Sanctuary
Tabby cats of Kays Hill Animal Sanctuary. Poster by Kattaddorra
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I told her as he is so beautiful I would make him the centrefold cat of the poster.

She replied:

‘yes my Lenny is beautiful, he’s very shy though and doesn’t really like people, he’d be horrified if he knew he was a centrefold!’


So please will no one tell him I have not only put him centrefold but I have gold framed him too.

I love tabby cats, especially brown tabbies, I must post a photo of our own brown tabby Bryan, he was a wonderful cat but his life was too short.

It saddens me that cats lives are very short in comparison with ours and that some people don’t value cats lives as they should be valued and so many end up in Rescue Shelters like Kays Hill.

Do you have a tabby cat or had one in the past, or know one? It would be lovely to see lots more tabby photos here.

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  1. And here is Reggie who has a bit of tabby amongst a lot of other bits, sadly she too was abandoned and taken away by the RSPCA, fate unknown…


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