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Kays Hill Tabby Cats Past And Present — 59 Comments

  1. And here is Reggie who has a bit of tabby amongst a lot of other bits, sadly she too was abandoned and taken away by the RSPCA, fate unknown…

  2. Here is Prozac, a long haired tabby, who was also abandoned and who also found a new home through Kays Hill and is now names Tilly I believe, I wonder how she is doing!

  3. Well, Mr. Bigfoot, my tabbylicious friend, and been all over these tabloids lately! Ha ha. But one more photo of him here on the tabby page would not hurt.

    • dw, I love Bigfoot. he has presence and is impressive. Because, way back, in the 1970s I was a photographer, I have to try and improve image quality. Here is a different version of the picture. It is not about you but automatic camera programs that don’t get it quite right. The biggest problem is shadow detail. We need to see more in shadows and the highlights need to be more gentle with some detail in them. You’ll have to forgive me for going on about photographic quality. When I improve a photo is is a big relief for me.

  4. I forgot to mention that ‘tabbytastic’ is a word invented by Leanne for these beautiful tabby cats, I think it’s a good word lol

    • “tabbytastic”

      A good word because it reminds us that the most common cat coat is perhaps the best. It is the original. All the variations have evolved amongst the domestic cats over 10,000 years.

  5. God, these are gorgeous cats. Lenny is a Prince. I am so impressed at the number of cats Kays Hill has rescued rehomed. Fantastic work.

    I have never cared for a tabby cat as my own. I do care for two tabies, part time who visit. The tabby is the world’s most natural cat, you could say because the coat is the coat of a wildcat.

    Here is probably the best picture I have taken of a tabby cat — in his element, long grass and his coat providing camouflage. I think you can sense the origins of the domestic cat in this picture. This individual cat is very macho and a boss cat.

    Tabby cat in pampas grass

    • Gorgeous cat and photo Michael. I love tabby cats who have a little white on them and who have particularly big or dark stripes. They are very special looking.

      Leanne’s tabby cat Lenny is handsome too isn’t he. I love the collage of all the cats.

      • i may be biased, but lenny is just downright gorgeous!! i wont let on to him about him being a centrefold. he and his sister, pat, also gorgeous, (i forgot to mention she was on the b/w poster), came to us from a lady who had many problems and was no longer able to see to the cats. everyone admired lenny (obviously!!) but they didnt want pat (that b/w thing again) i could never have split them up as because lenny is so timid he relies on pat all the time. we had them at the sanctuary for such a long time i decided, as i had no furry friends at that time, both of my little dogs had died unexpectedly, of unrelated causes, within a fortnight of each other, so i took pat and lenny home with me. lenny is quite happy at home but if he was out of comfort zone he just panics. he gets on well with my other cat, minty (b/w) and my two dogs teddy and charity.

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