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  1. Very candid and latest photo’s of my cats at home in Mumbai taken on Friday(23-8-2013). Tomcat Matata had jumped onto the basin observing his dam Matahari entering the bathroom,stalking her movements.At times they play “Hide-Seek” like children, chasing and tracking each other like “BIG CATS”.Notice the faint “Tiger stripes” of tomcat Matata. Cats as pets reminds us of “Big Cats” in the jungles, miniature replica’s.My cats are toilet trained and use the bathroom for their toilet.I was lucky to be at home at the right time to click this rare photo shoot.

    • He has a beautiful coat: dilute red tabby with very faint markings. He is a handsome cat. Nice traditional Persian appearance. Far better than the extreme Persian. Excellent photo Rudolph.

      • Thanks for the wonderful compliments on the condition of my cats.If wealthy in the “Billionaire Class” i would have loved owning horses or at least training “Race-horses”.My cats are my “Race-horses” at home, something i can afford to maintain according to my income and leisure.Credit for feeding them goes to my house-keeper Sabina.Dias to whom both my cats are very attached akin to the human and animal relationship between Syces and race-horses.I would have loved to exhibit my cats in a “Cat Show” but sadly in Mumbai we are yet to have a “Cat Show”.Thanks to the “INTERNET” at least we all fellow cat-owners can get to know and study cats from different pedigrees, Country’s and owners.

      • Michael, our building has one of the best private gardens in Mumbai city. This is the small playground lawn within our building compound.From my gallery spotting squirrels, Koels, flying foxes and parakeets is common.Hard to believe that we live in the midst of one of the World’s most populated City’s.Hope the trees and surrounding greenery, garden is preserved for future generations as our locality gradually becomes a skyscraper concrete jungle.

  2. the white cat we have here at the moment is harry. he looks so handsome and everyone who sees him loves him straight away. however, harry can be very temperamental and will bite if he feels like it. he lived with an old lady for 4yrs and was very spoiled and when she could no longer look after herself she had to go and live with family but, because of the family dogs dislike of cats, harry came to us. we try to be as understanding as possible with him but unfortunately his behaviour does put people off taking him. we know that there is a home out there somewhere we just need to find it for him. he didnt like other cats but has accepted Twinkletoes, a little tabby queen, so i’m sure we can help change his grumpy attitude. sometimes he loves being fussed but 5 mins later wont tolerate it. i suppose thats just cats for you!!

  3. the silver tabby at the top in the middle of the poster is stella. she came to us at 16 yrs old because her owner had died. she was very stressed and unhappy. she got a fabulous home with a great family who came just to look at older cats. stella and tig (16yrs old too) went off to live with this lovely family, they couldnt decide which one to take so took both.

      • they had recently lost their old cat at about 20 yrs old and had come to see the older cats as they thought they would like to give an oldie a loving home. they had a little lad,about 11 yrs old who, although he loved the kittens and younger cats we had, he was very excited about giving an older cat a home. as i said, lovely family. we last heard from them a couple of years ago nearly and at that point both stella and tig were still going strong, they would have been at least 19 yrs old by then, and both ruling the roost! they have possibly both gone by now, although i’d like to think they were still happy and healthy, but i know that at the latter part of their lives they have both been loved and cared for by truly nice people. many, many thanks to all the good people who take on these oldies that no-one else wants.

  4. I’m sneaking this one in because she’s nearly white (she can have another turn with the black and whites as well LOL) she is Bonnie another one of the abandoned cats, I loved this little girl she reminded me of Popsy, she has the same gentle nature, she too was rescued and rehomed by Leanne and Kevin. (More blessings)

    • I call these “Van” cats because the marking are like purebred Turkish Vans in the USA. In Turkey the marking vary much more. The breeds developed the inverted V on the forehead.

      • one of the cats on the poster (snowball, original!!) has a small black mark on his head but i didnt have too many white cat pix so included him. well, he was mostly white!

  5. Here is a pic of the only pure white cat we’ve known, called Mr Tinkles, he was one of the abandoned cats rescued and rehomed by Leanne and Kevin (blessings upon the pair of them)

    • Alice was lovely, she was a shy and gentle soul usually but sometimes she would bite our eyebrows gathering the skin into her teeth, that hurt a bit. She had a little peachy spot on her chest which can be seen in the photos of her, poor little soul she had a short life but a lot of love.

    • she is pretty, looks a little bit like the grey kitten on the poster with his brother and sister.

      • Not that many permanently actually but seen a lot come and go.
        From 1974
        KITTY (rescued from being PTS at the vets I worked at)
        BERT (Mrs Cat carried her 2 tiny kittens one by one to our door, we called them Bert and Olive, we had Mrs Cat spayed and rehomed her and Olive and we kept BERT)
        FELIX (One of a litter of 6 week old kittens about to be drowned! We rehomed the other 5)
        ALICE (the sole survivor of being attacked by a family dog in a coal shed)
        BRYAN (rescued from a pond, in a carrier bag with a brick and brought to us by the boys who saved him)
        EBONY (came from Cats Protection, she was originally called Abracadabra)
        WALTER (we paid the awful people to let us bring him away, the place was filthy, he was covered in fleas and had ear mites and a heart murmur)
        JOZEF (his very young mother had 7 kittens and no milk left)
        POPSY (came to us permanently when her daddy died)
        Over the years we’ve had visiting cats too,many at our old home and a few here, some Marion has taken to rehome, one beautiful big pure white boy we called Mr White.
        Tamuri the beautiful boy who mostly lived with us but we weren’t allowed to keep him when his people emigrated.
        Then of course we cared almost full time for the 15 next door at one time, sadly not for the last 5 months before they were abandoned though because we had realised by then we were being used in too many ways …..can’t say much more right now as the case still hasn’t had closure.
        Only Narla who lives a few doors away comes to visit us now.
        I got to know and love many cats over my lifetime of working with them and volunteering with them, now I can’t imagine my life without cats in it.

        • That is a lifetime of cat loving compressed into a few words. What comes across is that their stories are about rescue. You only rescue cats really. It is the same for me. Cats come to us. We can’t say no. I love your cats. Your comment makes me feel a bit sad, though. Not sure why. Probably because they were saved and now for some, his/her life has run its course. Thanks for posting that. Nice poster too.

          I wonder if we should do some stories like this. For example I might discuss what I know about Charlie.

          • I made that poster a good while back just for our own cats family tree book.
            Yes some stories are quite sad, cats with bad starts in life, like poor little Alice who only lived 3 years and Bryan and Popsy who the vets didn’t diagnose until too late.
            I’m afraid I’ve lost faith in most vets since then, the ones I knew and trusted are all long retired or have died.
            It seems to be all about money now!

  6. I traveled to Mexico this year in April. I was in the state of Guanajuato, and spent time in San Miguel de Allende and the beautiful city of Guanajuato. I was looking for cats the whole trip and didn’t see many. I finally started asking people, where are all the cats? Don’t people keep cats here in Mexico? The answer was always the same. “Oh, everyone has a cat, but there are too many dogs out during the day, so people keep the cats in during the daylight, and let them out at night”. Interesting. I love Mexico. And I like that sentiment. There were a lot of dogs in those cities, but most were domestic on leashes. I know there are packs of feral dogs, but none that I saw during my visit. This was the only cat I saw, doing what all cats do. “Let me in please!” Another beauty. This was a small cat. Probably female.

  7. This is a cat who lives in Africa! My friend traveled there and photographed many wonderful people. She is a cat lover, and she told me this beauty was the only domestic cat she saw while there. I have another international cat to post following this one.

  8. …one more – I don’t have any decent quality pics sadly. This is her standing on my back (I’ve since cut my hair!) I miss her so much just thinking about her now.

  9. She adored the snow and even the rain – she’d come in white with snow or wet with rain and climb up onto the bed like that to wake me up.

  10. I love white cats – I always wanted to find Lilly a white boyfriend because she loves boy cats and always has. I know a white cat on my street – very sweet. I never had a white cat but my first ever cat Gigi in Canada was very small and a long haired grey cat. She is alive still and a wonderful little cat. She loves the outdoors and she really stuck to me like glue and was my roomate and best company for almost 8 years. I miss her dearly and leaving her behind was one of the hardest moments and happenings in my life.

    • She is beautiful – pretty is probably the better word. I think grey as a coat colour is very attractive. Probably as popular as the calico amongst cat lovers.

      White is glamorous. Here are some white Maine Coons. They are on my hard drive and I forget who lives with them – sorry.

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