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Kids Killing Cats Revisited — 2 Comments

  1. This is one of the most difficult things to fix. I think we have to accept that a lot people are no good and they pass that on through behavior and genes to their children. The parents and their children are damaged.

    They express their anger in ways that cause more damage. Certainly a lot of people should not go near cats. There are millions of people who should not keep cats. But there is no control over who keeps a companion animal.

    When I see a kid of 12 years of age on a murder charge having killed a kitten in a brutal way then personally I despair at the whole mess.

    I don’t see anyone doing anything to break the cycle of parent abusing child and child abusing cat and then child abusing people…and so on.

  2. If only there was a safe answer to this issue which is not such an uncommon one. One can only hope nobody gets hurt, person or animal. Maybe that means the perpitrator must get noticed or into enough trouble to get them controlled/watched/or even locked up. The main issue here is abuse and pain and damage to both the person and those around him or her. Somebody who studies and understands a bit more or as much as can be understood about the way such a mind works, might know the best course of action to prevent anything bad from further happening. What best tactic to take. If not an adult, and as you say Elisa, if they are not people being hurt, the usual course of law and the police might not be of much use. Sadly I personally do not feel kindly to such a person, not matter if they be 9 years old, so I cannot help constructively further than to say: get them in trouble and get them locked up on purpose, and spare innocent lives, both human and animal. Alot of people would probably say I’m bad for saying that so I will stop right there. It’s so hard to care about somebody who is clearly bad in the head and I think it’s ok to call them bad in the head whether its their fault or not. It just is.

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