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There are many pages of cat facts for kids on this website. You just have to know where they are. You can search using the search box below or click this: cat facts for kids.

It is easy to find the pages. All you have to do is type in the words you are looking for in the box below. A list of pages will come up. The top one will be for written for children.

Always add the words “facts” and “kids” to your search.



So if you are looking for a page on cat behavior for kids type this into the box:

“Behavior facts kids”

Or, if you are searching for a page on the Savannah cat for kids type these words into the box:

“savannah facts kids”

Or, if you are looking for facts on a wild cat like the fishing cat type these words into the box:

“fishing cat facts kids”


Note: It is very important to me that children understand cats. We want a better life for cats. Children who love cats can help make that come true.

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