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Kind British Cop and Vet save French Cat — 6 Comments

    • As usual it is down to a couple of caring, decent people and I should not forget Poussey’s caretaker. She went to his old home and found the note. Life is better for us all if people respect and help others and animals.

      • Very true – imagine if the whole world cared for the animals. I believe things would be entirely different – perhaps a different set of problems would exist in this ‘other’ reality, but sooner or later it is going to happen. Sooner or later people will realize they need the animals to survive and they should respect them and care for them.

  1. How nice to wake up on a Sunday morning and read a story like this. If only people made this kind of effort as a general rule rather than an exception to the rule. I believe in the old ‘what comes around goes around’ theory. This leads me to believe that all the people involved inculding Mrs Froehr are nice caring people. The fact it was mentioned her children were so happy to see their cat says alot as well to me. This is how it should be. Mrs Froehr went and looked in all the right places too- well done to her. Going to pick up her cat must have been very exciting. My gosh what an adventure for Poussey.

    • If only people made this kind of effort

      Yes, this is what made this rescue work. Going a bit further. These two blokes are the sort that make life better for all of us so we should be the same.

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