Kitten killed while people eat at Cyprus restaurant

Cats in South CyprusThe title is correct. A kitten jumped onto a table at the Aglantzia taverna in Nicosia, South Cyprus, the Greek governed part of the country. The table was unoccupied and was close to another table where customers were sitting eating their Greek Cypriot food. There were other clients present.

The restaurant owner was nearby. He had a walking stick. He smashed the kitten across his back. The kitten fell from the table with a broken back and could not move. The kitten thrashed and floundered on the floor. The customers were shouting to stop. A waiter kicked the kitten out of the restaurant. The kitten flew under the wheels of a car and was killed. Such is life and death in a well known, tranquil and charming restaurant in Nicosia, Cyprus. Some customers left immediately.

This sickening and astonishing example of cat cruelty in full view of paying restaurant clientele was reported to the local police. However, it appears that animal cruelty is often brushed under the carpet or kicked into the long grass in sunny charming South Cyprus.

Cats and kittens are a regular feature at restaurants in Cyprus. On the night in question there were lots of them around the restaurant tables. I have seen something similar in Rome, Italy. They can be charming. The customers accept them.

The Argos Animal Sanctuary in Limassol, South Cyprus and local animal activists will do their best to ensure that this animal cruelty, a crime, is not forgotten by the police. A demonstration is planned for 3rd August 2013 outside the restaurant to try and boycott the place.

My gut feeling is that the Greeks have less respect for the cat than the Turkish. As mentioned, South Cyprus is governed by Greece and North Cyprus is governed by Turkey or a Cypriot version of the Turkish government.

Turkey have their own famous cats: the Turkish Angora and Van. Mainland Greece is a tourist attraction and there are plenty of community cats in Greece. They are a feature during the tourist season and poisoned out of season.

Apparently about two years ago a Greek-style mass cat poisoning took place outside the restaurant in question. It appears the event in question was not one-off

There is a pressing need for a properly managed TNR program in South Cyprus. It appears the government just don’t have the will. They prefer to kill or ignore option. Although unlikely, perhaps this event will change things.


  • Harvey Harrison (PoC regular)

Associated: Spotted Street Cats of Cyprus

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  1. Thank you so much for your comment, and I,m not particularly bothered with semantics right now as wether Egypt or Cyprus or China had the first domestic cat. What I am bothered with is the unwanton cruelty that goes on EVERYWHERE. I condemn it and shall do everything in my power to publish the perpetrators of these heinous crimes and make sure maximum publicity is given to this cause. All who wish to join are welcome to contact me via e-mail, facebook or twitter. Thanks and LOLn

    • Yes, Michelle, you are writing the human race and as we well know there are many individuals who are very cruel and nasty. There are lots of pages of criticism on PoC of these people.

  2. I won,t condemn all the CYPRIOT people, but since they claim part of my ENGLISH heritage, they should be renowned the world over as animal lovers! My message to Cyprus, you have along way to go-a human being is characterised by their innate ability to love and cherish what(is seen as) small. Take just one step on the road to humility

    • Thanks for visiting and sharing Michelle. Cyprus is the home of the world’s first domestic cat (as far as we currently know). They should set the standard for cat care!

  3. Harvey and anyone else-

    There are various internet sites that give info and feed back for tourists. Trip Advisor is one. I googled Aglantzia, and looked at Trip Advisor for the site. No comments.

    Second link gives chance to review the restaurant. Given that there are no comments, meaning the place is off the radar (or was), probably a review mentioning the cat killing wouldn’t help spread word much.

    But, hope you get the idea. Look for guidebooks and reviews online more generally for area, and post story there. It would take a group effort to do that, b/c a lot of internet searching involved.

  4. God this is so horrible that poor little kitten killed by that monster in Greece,do we have an email address so I can tell him what I think of him?
    Then little Chester,bloody lousy scumbag brats doing that.
    Are CP having an appeal for donations for his vets bills Babz or Ruth?

  5. This photo illustrates very clearly the plight of uncared for animals. t plight of stray animals.

  6. Hi Caroline and others. Yes you can pass the picture around and any of the information. Adamos Adamide the author of the article and photo asked everyone to share it.
    The demonstrations are organized for this weekend when people ate off work and the Tavernas busiest. We can look forward to some interesting updates especially since one commentators said ‘ I know what I am going to do!”. In a country where animal cruelty is accepted and even encouraged this incident is getting wider than norrmal coverage. The word os getting around and I’ve seen it claimed that tourists are staying away because of Cypriot’s reputation as cat killers. How would anyone feel if a kitten were smashed to bits right in front of their eyes when happily sat with their family and kids enjoying a meal? Who could think of a better way of ruining one’s dream of a happy holiday in Cyprus? Actually it’s pretty typical of these bone-heads. They wanted to Hellenize the whole island over the dead bodies of Turks and ended up losing a 3rd of it over the dead bodies of Greeks.

  7. Here is a small colony of cats in N Cyprus. No-one bothers them. The 2 red long-haited ones were re-homed ro Holland, and I adopted the b/w male kitten because the other cats weren’t letting him get enough food. He turned into a magnificent fluffy cat, rather wild, but not too wild to stand on his back legs and rub his face against my knees.

    • Everyone of them look gorgeous and would make great cat companions I reckon. It surprises me that the Turkish are respectful of their community cats while the Greeks appear to be very different. They are adjacent countries.

  8. This is horrible – truly horrible – this is what a mother and kitten should look like, not hurting or bothering anyone, I hope somebody kills that fat bastard:

  9. Hi All.
    You might like to visit this site and add your signature. The article is very revealing. In most countries animal abuse and cruelty is discouraged and even unlawful, but in the Greek part of Cyprus and Greece animal cruelty is part of the culture and even encouraged from an early age. It is part of the Greek need to show how big, strong, dominant, and how much they are “in control” they are. To me it just shows they are low IQ barbarians. They just loved the time when EOKA the terrorist organization enabled them to redirect their blood lust towards people. After independence the government of the Republic of Cyprus which to this day is formed from EOKA members started killing Turkish villages under their program of ethnic cleansing called the AKRITAS plan drawn up by President Makarios et al, which created mayhem all over the island, resulting in the Turkish intervention in 1974. Now their blood lust is once again focussed on the poor cats and dogs as we can see. How can those idiots in the UN and EU expect the island to be reunited when the same people who carried out the AKRITAS plan are still governing S Cyprus???

      • Ruth, it is not going to do anything beneficial for these cats and kittens [sacred ground, as well as their parents]. I want to see every single human being who thinks that their ‘travesty’ or a tavernas is worth anything as far as tourists or locals go, f*k em. Do YOU truly want to open up an eatery/bar in your locale? Then you had better start caring about your clientele. NAMELY, our cats/your clientele. YOU, my stupid friend, are totally worthless without them.

        Think again about what you do…

  10. Fat, ignorant, cruel, murdering moron, sure of where his next meal is coming from and begrudging the kitten and other hungry cats a few crumbs, I hope he gets his just rewards for this act of pure evil. Apart from the pain and fear the kitten suffered, probably mercifully cut short by the wheels of whatever vehicle killed it, the mother cat must have suffered deep anguish as well. I just hate humanity sometimes, I’ll also be emailing this “person” to tell him my opinion of him. I can’t believe his precious restaurant hasn’t since been boycotted.
    This awful news comes on the same day as I’ve read that our local Cats Protection branch is trying to save a kitten that some children tried to drown in a barrel of oil on a building site, not in our immediate area, in the next CP area but the man who saw what was happening and rescued the kitten lives in our town so brought the little thing home and took him to Marion (Wear Valley & Darlington CP) who is trying to save him.

    • Poor little kitten, I hope he survives.
      I HATE the cruel people who ruin our world, why can’t they live and let live.

      • Marion has named him Chester and nursed him through the night, he is at the vets today having that oily fur clipped off as it won’t wash off.
        It’s touch and go he will survive all that abuse and the trauma of trying to get him clean.
        We can only hope and pray he does.

          • Yes he may have, thank goodness that man rescued him, the next intention might have been to set him on fire, it doesn’t bear thinking about.
            No more news yet, will post more when he hear how he is.

          • Latest from Marion:
            I expect to get him back from vets at 3.15 this afternoon they are having to trim fur off in short bouts as he needs to rest in-between so not too much for him and we didn’t want him having anaesthetic as his lungs are affected by the caustic motor oil. will update later . look out for him in tomorrow’s northern echo and evening chronicle

          • Latest from Marion:
            Chester is back from the vets but not out of woods yet as vet said he could succumb to pneumonia but he is on antibiotics and with our nursing, the vet is hopeful.

              • Latest bulletin from Marion:
                ‘Chester is brighter this morning and showing interest in toys. He uses his tray and has stopped pooing pure oil though it’s still black, he’s standing taller too and looks really leggy’

                PoC article on this brave little soul, to follow later …..

        • I said a little prayer for poor Chester, that he could survive if that is God’s will, if that is what will be best. Hopefully he can recover from the abuse he suffered.

          • Have they tried Dawn dish washing soap, I guess they use Dawn to clean waterfowl after oil spills and it works, but it’s gentle enough. Maybe they can get him clean the same way they clean oily birds. Of course it and feathers are quite different. And most cats don’t enjoy a bath, even when they haven’t been traumatized.

            • I don’t think we have Dawn here Ruth, I’m sure Marion will have been trying the equivalent but the poor little soul still needed his fur clipped.
              Waiting for the latest news on him ….

          • Thanks for your prayers Ruth, Marion says:
            Chester has really touched peoples hearts and to celebrate he just ate all by himself whoohoo!!

    • This is not such a ‘wonderful’ rescue story, is it. Those insensitive my be acting out, do to abuse from their insipid, cruel ‘parents.’ My only hope, besides for the kitten surviving all of this (suffering trauma for the rest of its sacred life), Child Protective Services (and only the truly worthy employees/admin/caregivers are allowed to intervene who understand that we should treat each other as “one species,” a connected whole organism on this planet), to educate those innocuous youngsters to educate and protect all, children who were once innocent and the kittens who were and always will be…innocent and victimized. 🙁

  11. That fat ugly smug bastard looks well enough fed himself!
    How could he be so cruel to a hungry kitten? I hope some animal activists get hold of him and break HIS back and his neck too and he dies a long slow agonising death, he doesn’t deserve to live!
    What a terrible situation there, very upsetting,
    TNR and someone feeding those cats could soon solve the problem but no it’s far easier for some people to kill them.

    • Is this some political vengeance on cypriotic Greeks part? I’m quite naive, but it is animal cruelty at its most abominable state of mind: break the kittens’ backs to protect your taverna?

  12. from the Argos Animal Sanctuary article linked to by Harvey:

    “The kittens advanced towards the tables waiting for titbits to be given. The restaurant was not full on the evening but there were certainly around 25-30 people.
    According to the eye witness, one kitten was seen to jump on a table next to one where two customers were sitting. Suddenly the owner, a 65 year old man got up quickly and with force, brought down his wooden walking stick on the back of the kitten. The kitten fell off the table and could not move as it seemed that its back was broken. Customers were shouting to him to stop saying it was a shame as it is only a kitten but he only replied that, it jumped on the table!
    The kitten was floundering on the ground, unable to get up, pulling its small body uncontrollably and trying to escape. The owner pushed it away further with his stick and Its mother rushed towards it smelling it and trying to understand what had happened but a waiter advanced and he began kicking it to remove it from the restaurant and on the fourth kick, the kitten was flung under a car…”

  13. What do you mean, “kill or ignore?” That is outright the worse abuse I have ever heard of. besides skinning cats alive, and I’m sure that you remember what Harvey told on that one. Torture is sometimes worse than outright murder-depending on your background

    • What do you mean, “kill or ignore?”

      I mean the authorities leave the cats to breed and the population to grow (ignore the situation) or indulge in mass community cat extermination through poisoning.

      • I knew what you meant; just trying as always to attract attention to your words. Thanks for clarifying. That was directed Harvey’s way–I was so upset, that I didn’t even realize that you had interjected a comment. I’m an idiot sometimes, that’s what anger does, it seems, delete this, pls. Let’s leave it on topic.

        • Is that what you meant? Kittens in tavernas getting broken on the back? the spine? It is no worse than than euthanizing? In “some” ways it most certainly is. I can’t even describe what i feel about either.

  14. What in the world? That breaks my HEART–how could why didn’t they grab that liittle kitten and run after breaking something over that *ssjerk privileged goodfornothing’s BACK? ohmygoodness, as a tourist, he would have eaten something other than….grrrrrr!!!

  15. Take the bastard out for a back breaking thrashing and throw him over the cliff like thrash that he is, close down his restaurant 😉

    • Thanks Harvey. I was just about to go in search of one! He looks exactly as I imagined 😉 LOL. Now we just have to bombard him with letters and phone calls etc. In a polite way make him miserable.

      Sometimes image files can be slightly defective for various reason, which might explain why you had difficulty. The first file you uploaded is in the image database but the data is defective. Not sure what happened.

      • I’m going to send him his own picture and make fun of the fact that his economy is totally f**ked and probably because of fat assholes like him no doubt. I wish I knew how to hack properly so I could destroy this guy completely.

        • I didn’t mean to post that pic a second time – its because I went back to this page from the petition page so it automatically uploaded the image I uploaded when last on the page – it even kept my comment which i had to delete – I know how it works now sorry about that.

        • how would ‘hacking’ him do such? Let’s all give him a few ‘jingles’ if he hasn’t already changed ## and then, contact the gov.t

          boycott Gr. Cyprus, any way possible. Contact travel agents who are still supporting travel there ASAP, with a msg as to why you will never travel to Greece and Cyprus. might that be effective; I don’t know. ?

  16. Hi Michael. I attach a photo of the monster who killed that innocent little kitten which only trying to get a bit of something to eat. People are asked to pass on as much information as possible. It’s just as well they don’t know that their Cyprus cats are mostly Turkish including Turkish Angoras or they would kill the lot of them.

    Adamos Adamides
    Follow · Monday

    This is the old bastard that beat a small kitten to death in front of his customers at his tavern. He also repeatedly left poisonous meat for cats to eat. His shithole is called To Steki tou Kosti and the numbers are:

    Tel. 22330059 and 96292900

    I know what i’m going to do, do what you wish…

    The least you can do is to report him at the Animal Wellfare.

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