Kitten uses up all nine lives in one go

Kitten shot with air gun has a lucky escape

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An eleven week old ginger tabby kitten living in East Yorkshire, England has been shot with an air gun. This is not unusual in England. It is normally, idle, feckless youths with nothing to do, who amuse themselves by harming cats. Strange behavior.

The 5 mm pellet went into his face just to the right of his left eye. You can see the mark in the picture. The pellet ended up in his neck under his chin.

If the pellet had entered his face one centimetre from where it had it could have ended his life.

He has been named “Ron” after the ginger haired Harry Potter character, Ron Weasley. Ron was cared for by Priory Vets, Driffield, East Yorkshire. The Bridlington, Driffield and District branch of the RSPCA will rehome him if Ron’s owners don’t come forward. Foster carer Julie McManus is caring for him in the meantime.

As usual, cats shot and hurt by people show a wonderful character trait. They seem to accept it and get on with life. Perhaps this is because they don’t attach the injury to someone. Ron is still a charming character and does not appear to be in pain. Ron is a very loving kitten who loves to be fused over.

He is about to get tons more of that.

I have to finish on one stark point: the difference is behavior between the person who shot the pellet and the kitten who was shot. Their characters of these beings are at opposite ends of the spectrum. I don’t need to spell out who belongs to the shitty end.

I won’t bother to quote any law about this being a crime because no one ever gets caught for these sorts of crimes. Depressing for people who care.

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9 thoughts on “Kitten uses up all nine lives in one go”

  1. Frank Tolins is a troll. There’s a rule about trolls which always works


    They feed on response, though I can see why you published it Michael, the comment illustrates a tragic basement dweller perfectly.

  2. Notice to decent people:

    I have published this comment because the person who wrote it is the exact sort of person who shot the kitten. His words might give people an insight into the mind of these crazy people.

    Speaking of children:

    People who let cats roam free should also be investigated by Family-Services & Social-Services if they have any children. If people see their cats as family members, and then let them roam free to be hit by cars, lap up antifreeze in gutters, or get killed by animal attacks; this does not bode well for them being responsible for the lives of others.

    Are they going to tell their toddlers to go play in the freeway and then blame the cars for their children’s deaths too?

    Not long ago a toddler died in a waterway after the parents let it wander off on its own, the parents blamed the water.

    No doubt their very own children are just as expendable as their “family” cats.

    Someone who lets cats roam free are showing signs of being incapable of responsibly taking care of ANY other lives. They need to be investigated for all facets of their lives. Children need to be removed from the homes of any and all such criminally-negligent and criminally-irresponsible caretakers for the children’s own safety.

    On top of that, they don’t even care about the safety and well being of anyone else in the world. Do you know how many fatalities and lifelong debilitating injuries have been caused by vehicular accidents from people trying to avoid hitting a free-roaming cat? There needs to be a new bumper-sticker: “FLATTEN A CAT — SAVE A LOVING FAMILY OF 4”

    Free-roaming cat-advocate = 100% certifiable sociopath/psychopath.

  3. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

    Poor little Ron, I hope he keeps on recovering and gets a wonderful home.
    We’ve campaigned for years to get air guns banned but no, yobs have to have the right to own them and so are free to wound and kill animals and birds for their own sadistic pleasure.
    I love it when they shoot each other by mistake.
    Do as you would be done by, you scum of the earth!

    1. I agree they should be banned – poor little Ron. I would adopt him in a flash and make sure he had a nice life forever. I hate people who do this. Ron is so much more mature than the f***tards who did this to him.

  4. Air guns should be banned. There is no reason on earth why anyone should want to have one.

    Yet another reason to get Animal Welfare on the national curriculum for all children right up until the age of sixteen. If no one teaches children, how will they learn not to grow up into thugs who think nothing of harming another life?

    Poor little Ron, he’s lucky that he was found and is now in good hands bless him.

    1. I totally agree with you about the need for animal welfare education. It should be a subject just like Maths and Sciences it should be an important subject and compulsory. To me that is the best way to fix things. Compulsory animal welfare classes from aged 8 to 16, and then a choice to do it at A-level. If that’s still the system in England, I had GCSE and then A levels when I went through school there.

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