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Kittens Born Before Mother (Queen) is Spayed — 6 Comments

  1. I had the pleasure of meeting a proud momma cat and a mom to be yesterday. We were loading a fireworks truck and the bunkers are often located on farms. The owners intended to spat before kittens, but did not act in time. The mommas are both very small, almost kittens themselves. The farm has a male neutered cat also, so they do take care of that kind of thing. Even the best caretakers can make mistakes. It’s also possible the one cat came to them pregnant. Somehow she had hijacked a ride inside a delivery truck and got herself delivered to the workplace of the farm owner’s wife. She took the cat home. As we were transferring product from the 53′ trailer to our straight truck there was suddenly a little calico cat right in the semi trailer with us. How she got up there I don’t know, but that explains how they got her. We checked the truck very carefully before leaving!
    If the only times kittens were born were the occasional oops we wouldn’t have the problems we have with overpopulation. But some people just don’t care and it’s litter after litter or they dump the cat, unspayed, to fend for herself. Even on that farm– their male cat is neutered. Those kittens came from someone else’s roaming male cat.
    But I enjoyed the kittens anyway and the mom cats and the dog. I had a cat and dog vying for my attention. Suddenly, the dog sneezed right on the back of the pregnant cat’s head. The other cat came up and groomed her there a couple minutes later. I think barn cats have a pretty good life, one Monty would probably enjoy. He’d get more outside time and see other cats, but he’d never tolerate a dog sneezing right on his head.

  2. There is so much ignorance about cats and it’s high time for widespread education of those ignorant people who must OWN a cat but don’t know the first thing about them or how to care for them.

  3. Yes it’s about EDUCATION EDUCATION EDUCATION….sometimes my needle gets stuck on that word lol
    It’s strange how some people still believe a cat needs to have a litter of kittens before being spayed. Our vets always recommended a cat to be spayed around 6 months of age but if she came into season meanwhile, keep her in and make the appointment for a week to 10 days later because a cat being spayed in season is in danger of bleeding a lot. The vets I worked for would also spay cats who may have been mated but the kittens were unwanted, because they would be barely starting to form.
    It’s actually kinder to cats to have them spayed without going through mating and birth, some mother cats are barely out of their own kitten hood themselves.
    I’m against spaying at 7 weeks old, I think kittens should be allowed to enjoy their kitten hood before going through surgery but worse than that I think it’s outrageous that some vets declaw kittens as soon as they reach 2 lb in weight, at least spaying doesn’t cripple kittens for life.

    • Ruth, I had no idea that some vets declaw kittens at such a young age. All declawing is wrong, but somehow that just seems especially wrong. As an American, I’m ashamed that declawing is allowed at all. 🙁

      • Yes it’s dreadful Caroline, what is supposed to be a last resort procedure for serious scratching behaviour is sometimes done on tiny kittens who have had no chance to learn ‘claw manners’
        Sometimes people put getting them declawed even before getting them neutered!
        I don’t know why claws are looked upon as nasty things to be rid of by some people over there because they are a beautiful intricate and essential part of a cat.
        No need for you to be ashamed, you are one of the enlightened ones 🙂
        and now part of the quest to educate and ultimately get declawing banned.

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