Kodkod Range

The Kodkod range (distribution) is shown on the map below in blue. The kodkod is a small wildcat which you can read about and see on this page: Kodkod. The map can be moved around in the window and you can zoom in and out. The original Google map can be found here: Kodkod Range 2009 (opens in new window).

The intention with this map and the other wildcat maps on this site is for visitors who know better to refine them by going to the original Google map and editing it. In short the maps are open collaboration maps made by me, Michael at Pictures of Cats org, but meant to be for the world and for the benefit of the wild cats.

Wildcat ranges can be difficult to assess even if the best information is available because information can sometimes be scarce or out of date. This map, as is the case with the others, is a facsimile of the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species™ map, which should be the most current one available at summer 2009 the date it was created.

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Kodkod wild cat collage

The Kodkod range in words

The distribution is very limited in comparison to say the Puma, confined as it is to areas of Argentina and Chile. In Chile the kodkod occupies the central and southern regions. The more central habitat being cut off from the rest. Kodkods live in forest habitats (see map – the flags open up if you click on them – for some examples).

In part of their range, they live in moist temperate and mixed forests in the southern Andes mountains. The maximum height above sea level preferred by this cat is about 2,000 feet. They are adaptable, it seems, and are found in secondary forests, primary forests, shrub near settlements and on agricultural land (Chiloe Island – see photo embedded in map). Habitat ranges are usefully extended by corridors between one range and another. This is important for the long term survival of this wildcat by avoiding fragmentation of habitats that isolate small groups of cats.

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Sources: Wild Cats Of The World and IUCN Red List

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