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Kuwaitis Join Craze for Pet Lions — 6 Comments

  1. I don’t like this either. I think nearly any animal including regular cat is much happier when free.

    Regarding veterinarian – there is everything in Kuwait. In addition, many Kuwaiti can afford to get a veterinarian fly to them from any country of the world when they think he possesses better skills. Many of them are extraordinary wealthy, that’s why you see this trend.

  2. I wish people would leave wild animals where they belong, in the wild and I wish breeders would stop breeding half wild cats and selling them as pets thus encouraging people to own animals who should never be owned.
    It’s cruel to cage or cram into houses these animals and it makes me very sad.

  3. Yes I agree with Marc it’s horrible that people have to own wild animals and that many come to a bad ending,those people are selfish,ignorant and cruel.

  4. Just horrible – the poor cats must suffer. What is it with people needing to physically own and control things to be satisfied. It’s unfair and for them likely unsatisfying anyway – leading to the demise of the cat ultimately.

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