Learning to Love a Cat

Learning to love a cat

Learning to love a cat. Photo by MendocinoAnimalCare

Has anyone entered into a relationship with a cat that was unplanned and almost a duty at the beginning? Have you taken in a cat who needs you and then learned to love that cat more than you would have imagined?

This is really a post about learning to love a cat. A lot of cat adoptions are made on the basis of liking the appearance of a cat at first sight or a cat selecting the human at a cat rescue centre or at a cat breeders facility. Under these circumstances, there is an initial bonding between cat and human. The relationship should develop from a good start.

However, sometimes, a person looks after a cat because they feel obliged to do it. The obligation comes from a desire to save a cat for whatever reason. The motivation is really about cat welfare and not an initial attraction to the cat.

Under these circumstances the relationship can take various courses. Each one depends on the person. I believe that if the person has a genuine empathy with animals and of course cats, the relationship will flourish.

In fact, I would argue that a relationship with a cat that starts in such an average way can develop into something very special because the beginning is so inauspicious. A bad or difficult start can be the catalyst for the development of a brilliant relationship –  you can learn to love a cat. Don’t be sidetracked into being overly focused on appearance or even personality.

As stated, it is down to the person to manage the relationship. If managed well, it is very likely that the relationship will develop into something unexpected and special for both parties.

I would encourage people to adopt an unwanted rescue cat or a cat on the street who comes to you. Look after him and be patient. In time, you will realise that you have a close companion who you would miss most severely if he wasn’t around. You would have learned to love him and it is likely to be a deeper love than you had ever expected.

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Learning to Love a Cat — 3 Comments

  1. It was a huge change for me when Monty first came into my life. I had a new responsibility, not just to feed and clean up after him, but to play with him, help him become socialized properly and to give him a safe outside experience. But all the hard work is worth it for sure. Now I can’t imagine my life without him. He helps me get outside more, as I supervise his adventures. He doesn’t let me sleep too late or become too much of a couch potato. He likes me to do interesting things so he can watch. I love watching him climb trees. He’s so amazing.

  2. Yes I often take in a new cat in need even though I know it could bring problems but pretty soon I love that cat as much as the others and as much as my kids and dogs.
    It’s hard parting with my rescue animals when I find them good homes but for every one I do that for it makes room for another and I always say they can come back to me if needs be.

  3. I think every cat is loveable if you take the time to get to know them.
    It annoys me when anyone says why won’t my new cat let me pick her up and cuddle her?
    It works both ways, the cat needs to get to know and trust the person they have just met and that can’t be expected to happen overnight.

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