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Left-handed people are more likely to like cats. Discuss — 17 Comments

  1. Interesting article and links Michael. I am intrigued enough to do more research on the internet when I have time.

    Use these data as you like (I think you already counted me)
    VG LH loves cats
    VG sister RH loves cats
    VG sister LH really doesn’t like cats
    Female parent RH loves cats (+ dogs + horses + etc)

    Incidentally, there are 2 types of human lefties- divided by the way they hold writing implement. Seems to have a biological basis, but I read this so long ago I can’t remember the details. My lefty sister, who is not fond of cats, is not the same type of lefty as I am.

    • Gosh so much for the theory 😉 That makes 5 right and no lefts already. If you count Caroline and VG that makes two lefts.

      So currently:


      I can feel a failure coming on….

  2. Well I am right handed and so is my sister Barbara, so that’s 2 more rights for you Michael lol and no one in the entire universe could love cats more than we do 😉

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